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In a few weeks one of the flagship Playstation 3 titles, Resistance 3, will be upon us. Having gotten the full run down on the game via Insomniac’s awesome Creative Director for the title, Marcus Smith, we can say that this game is downright incredible.

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Godchild10203101d ago

I need to move my preorder over to the doomsday edition. I really want to try this game out with the Move.

Darkspade3101d ago

Mutli player was junk, Outdated... I hope the Single player holds up

Godchild10203101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I played the beta and it made me want this game even more. This will be a day one for me and I can't wait.

Serjikal_Strike3101d ago

and how is it outdated exactly?

Are you really expecting anything different from any other FPS coming out?

The BETA is a blast to play...Im more than excited to play the rest of the maps at launch!!

jon12343101d ago

agreed, the beta was meh, nothing fun, tbh, and this is my opinion, not anyone else's so nobody get butt hurt about this, but i think cod is more fun than the beta, and i hate cod!

DigitalRaptor3100d ago

Since they scaled down the multiplayer, it's become worthless to me.

Single-player campaign FTW!

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Serjikal_Strike3101d ago

a few weeks?
I counted 9 days till release

DarkBlood3101d ago

wait 9 days till release "superspeed to preorder"

EcoSos33101d ago

Yes I'm ready for resistance 3

SSKILLZ3101d ago

I Have been ready since day 1 for Resistance 3 and 12/21/2012

beavis4play3101d ago

soooooo ready for resistance3!

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