Cheap $199 Blu-ray Player Announced... for the PC

Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions announced a $199 internal PLDS DH-4O1S BD-ROM drive on Tuesday, November 13. The DH-401S plays back Blu-ray (4x), DVD (12x), and CD discs (32x), and a PC equipped with the drive could be connected via an HDMI cable to a HDTV.


Other reports also note that PLDS DH-401S is the first Blu-ray DVD-ROM drive. See alternative sources.

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hokis4ever4930d ago

Well that's good news... hopefully the can carry this price point over to the standalone players. That would be great!

JsonHenry4930d ago

What about the cost of the PC? Is that figured into the 200.00 price point?

hokis4ever4930d ago

Hence the reason why i said "it's a good start". ultimately i'd like for it to be cheaper, and in time, it will.

HarryEtTubMan4930d ago

People that can't see the money being invested in Blu Ray by all these companies.....vs. Toshiba LOL. How can you not see that Blu Ray is going to win in the long haul. Even though it already has been winning for however many months straght anyways. I'm gonna go wiht Blu Ray

ruibing4930d ago

I hope BD burners are going to become much cheaper soon, since that was what made the DVD really widely accepted.

sonarus4930d ago

300 stand alone players come next.

Danja4930d ago

thats a start now lets see a $199 christmas special for the entire month of december.....

jiggyjay4930d ago

If we see that then you might as well start digging a grave big enough for Sony!

Honeal2g4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

and sales would plummet even lower ..but a format would most likely be decided can't have ur cake and eat it too i guess (Sony) ppl would only be buying ps3 for the games ...

Danja4930d ago

the advantage wouldn't be would help out Sony more in the Long run...hence I said a Christmas sale...

Honeal2g4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

if ppl are buying it for blu-ray then why would they wanna purchase a ps3 if something on the market was cheaper? also u cant assume the people who want a blu-ray plays video games ..i;m not attackin u just tryin to have a conversation ..wouldnt want this to turn into something its not...just tryin to understand ur reasoning is all

and i would believe its the same the other way around ..i dont think ppl buying ps3 for its games care about blu-ray and i;m sure there are a some who get the best of both worlds..but my point is that only difference with this new pricing is that they lose the ones buying it for blu-ray and are left with what they have now...ppl who want it for games ..and ppl who want it cause they get the best of both worlds....thats how i see it

Danja4930d ago

fully 100% agree with you...haha I always sucked at

ne ways I still think Sony and it's partners need to do something about the prices of stand alone players the PS3's are cheaper than those in certain places and at the end of the day while movie studios really care about software sales..they're also looking at the install base of stand alone players..and right now the PS3 is filling the gap where that is concerned....!!

ruibing4930d ago

I really don't think it's Blu Ray that is selling PS3s; it is PS3s that are selling Blu Rays.

Honeal2g4930d ago

i honestly dont know what i would do in that situation wow sony has alot to think about

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kornbeaner4930d ago

this is going into my rig when I start building it.

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The story is too old to be commented.