Resistance 3 - Review -

Occurs within a few days for the player owning the console PlayStation 3 next year's festival. Resistance is back to show that even in the third part has to offer. Resistance is a popular issue, so Insomniac did not leave anything to chance and try to convince the Resistance 3 is the peak of their work.

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NukaCola4293d ago

Well Czech loves Resistance 3. Let's hope the rest of the world does too.

BlindGuardian4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

8 hours? that doesn't sound so good, I know that's what R2 lasts but the first one was around 12 and this one was supposed to go back to the original's long journey design

Serjikal_Strike4293d ago

8hrs is acceptable
only because it has a coop campaign mode
and of course online multiplayer

Bathyj4293d ago

How many more years is it gonna take for people to realise that 8 to 10 hours is normal now days?

Why is it even surprising anymore?

To be honest I like it if it suits the story. Crysis 2 had to running from point A to point B so much I was waiting for the ending about 60% through it, but it just kept dragging on and on.

Honestly, a 3 hour movie doesnt guarantee its going to be good, why does a game have to be 15 or 20 hours if it doesnt need it?

Especially when most of you will just play it once, maybe twice and then spend the rest of the games life time on multiplayer anyway.

death2smoochie4293d ago

8+ hours is the average length for almost all FPS games. Its not a RPG...

ginsunuva4293d ago

First one was like 15 hrs.

BlindGuardian4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

Crysis 2, the first Resistance, Bioshock, Half Life 2

part of what makes these games great is that you can't beat them in one day, if the game is fun, more of it is always welcome

stevenhiggster4293d ago

Crysis 2 is beatable in a day. Crysis 1 however was not.

pangitkqb4293d ago

Holy Moth-balls, Batman! I can't wait to get my hands on Resistance 3.

I_Guts_I4292d ago

@ Bathyj

I rather enjoyed the RFOM campaign alot. I would actually go as far to say it was up there with my favorite FPS single player games of BioShock and Half-Life2. RFOM's atmosphere was amazing and made you feel like the chimera were always kicking your ass. It never felt like point A-B. When a game is enjoyable i would like more than 8 hours. So yes with a story as rich as Resistance's the single player should have been much longer.

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DirtyLary4293d ago

Day 1 buy for me.

I am actually loving the Multiplayer beta and how its shaping up. Nice to have an arcade shooter again among modern combat games.

Mr Tretton4293d ago

The first Resistance was not as long as people make it out to be.

YogiBear4293d ago

Yeah, it was just awesome.

I_Guts_I4292d ago

No it was definitely lengthy and very enjoyable. It took me a good week to beat it on the Single Player and even longer to beat it on SuperHuman and that was well worth it when i got to show off the SERPA Skin in multiplayer.

psvitaisking4293d ago

lookin good so far!!!! gr8 score n review....

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4293d ago

Sadly I won't be able to get this day 1. But I'm glad the reviews are looking good.

xtremegamerage4293d ago

Have this pre-ordered.

Looking forward to it.

Playing the beta atm, it's much better now.

NO lag for me, also they have fixed the motionblur issue.

Serjikal_Strike4293d ago

the Beta is much improved..
sept 6th cant come quick enough

Rhythmattic4293d ago

You mention both the things I disliked about the beta....

However, being in OZ, unlike RFOM, I cant pick local servers which does suck, and thus , ensuing lag.

Umm... Might have to try it again tonight.

Appreciate the info.

stevenhiggster4293d ago

Great, I haven't played it since the last update, that motion blur when sprinting made my eyes feel funny. Glad they've fixed it.
It was always a day 1 for me anyway, but now I'm even happier.

jackoffjim4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

As I read through the horribly translated website, I came across the pros and cons of the game.

angry AI<-----Lol,what?

Nothing new<---They reworked the color scheme and added back the weapon wheel and I'm pretty sure they have new weapons

Linear progression <---No shit! This isn't a sandbox type game

psvitaisking4293d ago

angry a.i probably means relentless on higher difficulties??

BlackKnight4293d ago

Well just because a game is not a sandbox doesn't mean super linear is ok. One thing I don't like about COD or KZ or uncharted is that it is very narrow. I can't take a different path or anything, the most you can do is choose a catwalk instead of the ground below. While Crysis and Halo and BF:BC2 I enjoyed the SP more because it was linear and keep the story going, but the huge open areas and freedom really made it feel less boxed off and fake.

As for RE3, I haven't played it so I don't know how "linear" it is.