Fallout 3: The Game Of 2008?

There aren't many games companies confident enough to start fuelling the hype around their games a full year before they are scheduled to hit the shops, but Bethesda are doing just that with their 'next big thing' Fallout 3 – and they have already succeeded in making it one of the most eagerly anticipated titles around.

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MK_Red4930d ago

It's already my GOTY2008. Hope it turns out as good as expected or even better.

resistance1004930d ago

To Be honest i really disagree.

Fallout 3 will be a great game, no doubt about it. However i think its unlikey to beat Metal Gear Solid 4 as GOTY 2008, i think MGS4 has won it already, the in game footage of the game has blown everything out of the water and could be one of the best games of all time.

Danja4930d ago

I'll have to also disagree..remember what happened to ur GOTY for this year Assassins Creed..even though im sure Fallout won't follow suit

MGS4 is also my choice for GOTY's the most anticipated game also...!!

Alpha_Gamer4930d ago

mgs4 probably win however, if lionhead studios pulls off everything they are going for in fable 2, we WILL be looking at the best game of 08`.
And then there are games like gears of war 2, ninja gaiden 2, resistance 2 etc.

solar4930d ago

i gotta disagree because i hated oblivion with a passion :P na, this sounds a lot cooler than beat to death warriors / mages stuff. im interested. plus i wanna be evil :D

ParaDise_LosT4930d ago

I'm pretty sure MKs 07 GotY is BioShock
not Assassin's Creed :P
and I agree with him with Fallout :o
Although I was pretty disappointed that Black Isle isn't making it..
and they gave it to Bethesda instead of Bioware(some Black Isle member are there) but I've been a HUGE fan of Fallout
and I'm sure as hell Bethesda will pull it off.

but then again this is just MY opinion and to be frank, I never really loved the MGS series...
Liked maybe, loved no

unsunghero284930d ago

Well, admittedly it probably won't shatter any records for critical acclaim, but there's no question that Smash Bros will be my most played game of '08.

Zhuk4930d ago

I really enjoy the MGS series and i've probably played more Kojima games than any of you fandroids (Snatcher and Policenauts are his best works imo) but MGS4 will have nothing on Fallout 3 in terms of playability, storyline, humour and depth.

felman874930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

MGS4 had hype in 2005, 3 years before its release. Not that I disagree with your GOTY prediction

Keowrath4930d ago

I disagreed with ya MK_Red. I'm hoping Fallout3 will be an absolutely awesome game. I've been a huge fan of 1 and 2 for years but like a lot of people here I think game of the year will go to MGS4 (I am completely biased as MGS is my favourite franchise of all time but hey =p) Even though MGS has never been a cash cow in the past. Everyone I've shown that 15 minute gameplay footage trailer too have said they will be getting a PS3 when it is released. Even older people who don't play video games have come away from the triler with their jaw on the floor.

I don't think MGS will win by a landslide though as there are so many awesome looking games coming out for the year ahead. 2008 is looking like a goldmine for gamers!

Whoever said NG:2 will get game of the year however I think is completely nuts. (Don't get me wrong, I loved the original and Sigma... Enough to complete it on master ninja mode) but it's not for everybody. Go to any ninja gaiden board and you'll see loads of people complain about the difficulty. The sad thing is, that's one of the main reasons it was so good. In my eyes, NG:2 will be an awesome game but the masses of casual gamers will keep it from getting anywhere near GOTY.

MK_Red4930d ago

Thanks ParaDise_LosT :)
I always said that my GOTY of 2007 is BioShock unless Assassins can do better but I haven't finished AC and the reviews are not as 10/10ish as BioShock's were.

As for MGS4, I didn't say it's GOTY or not, I said Fallout 3 is my personal GOTY and it won't change no matter what. To tell the truth, I also didn't like Oblivion as much as I'd hoped but I absolutly loved Morrowind and hopefully F3 can be like that (In terms of being lovable).

Still wish that Obsidian was doing F3 because most of it's members are ex-Black Isle devs. Hope Bethesda makes us all proud.

Skemo4930d ago

What made Fallout 1 and 2 such great games was the amount of strategy involved in the combat system. It seems like this game is going towards the Oblivion model of combat, they have action points in a kind of "bullet-time" system, but it is clearly not going to half the combat system that Fallout 1/2 were. If they preserved a fully point-based combat system it'd be amazing. Since they aren't, its going to do the series a HUGE disservice.

RadientFlux4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

If Fallout 3 is anywhere close to the brilliance of Fallout 1 or 2, then it will by my GOTY for 2008 as well.

Edit: Oh and how can anyone disagree with someones own personal choice. Personally Assassin's Creed might still be my GOTY for 2007 (can't rule it out in till I play it).

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Zhuk4930d ago

With Black Isle gone, there's only two or three studios I trust with the Fallout IP and it certainly is not Interplay who sadly would probably just drag it through the mud like they did with the brotherhood of steel game (I really enjoyed tactics though, even though I would have preferred a real fallout game..)

Luckily, Fallout is in capable hands, it will be different from the original but I have no doubts that this will be a great game in its own right, even if it is a far departure from its predecessors

MK_Red4930d ago

Agreed with all your point. I also like Tactics and believe Brotherhood of Steel on PS2/Xbox sucked hard.

While I love and trust Bethesda, I still wish the Fallout 3 was in hands Obsidian that consists of most ex-Black Isle members.

Zhuk4930d ago

Obsidian would have rocked at this game and they are one of the other studios that I would have been happy with the Fallout IP ^_^

ichimaru4930d ago

hopefully it will live up

dachiefsman4930d ago

they mention video....has anyone seen video on this game? or can post the video link.....

kurochi4930d ago

aren't they talking about the ads/video?

By the way, nice to see you being a true fan of the Chiefs with #31.
Can't wait to see what Croyle brings to the table.

dachiefsman4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

I guess they must be referring to video that only the media has been able to see....

been a Chiefs fan my whole life....its been really far as Croyle I really am not expecting much, but hey maybe he will surprise me! It is awesome to see Priest out on the field making plays....I never thought the day would actually come!!!

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