New Video Game Releases: 8/29 – 9/5

RipTen: As the East Coast of the US recovers from Hurriquakepocalypse, it’s nice to settle down with another release week.

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jaredhart3094d ago

As a football fan Madden def tops the list.

S_C3094d ago

you mean american football not football

S_C3094d ago

Yeah."AMERICAN" Football, honestly tho what do you people see in madden games..... baffles me

xPhearR3dx3094d ago

No, not "American" Football. Just Football.

S_C3094d ago

So Man Utd And Swansea City Are In Madden Then, News To Me haha, im sure your talking about american football and not football haha

CrzyFooL3094d ago

No, he means FOOTBALL, bruh. There can be only one!!

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xtheownerzx3094d ago

wait a sec doesn't the ambassador program for Nintendo start this week?

bfenty3094d ago

Finally a couple decent games coming to 3DS. I know I'm alone here but man I'm ready for a new game...StarFox 3D is next week!

Invadersims3094d ago

I guess I'll pick up Madden again. Sort of seems obligatory at this point.