VG Chartz: American Chart for Week Ending 10th November 2007

At the moment VGChartz seems to be updating, so the following information may change but it appears that Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 has sold 1,015,318 units within a 2 week window. As many predicted, the Playstation 3 version of Call of Duty 4 sold a little less than 400k with 358,902 units. In addition, VGChartz shows that the Xbox 360 finally sold over 13 million systems world wide.

Note: Earlier VGChartz showed the Call of Duty 4 sales figures for two weeks but now only reflects one week (see story images).

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MK_Red4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

So COD4 didn't break Halo 3's opening record... Still, pretty good start. Was hoping for better sales of COD4 on both 360 and PS3 but these aren't too bad.

Activision must be celebrating now. First great sales of Guitar Hero 3 and not COD4.

smirx4930d ago

So, I bought my PS3 on November 2nd when the 40gb came out. I arrived @ Wal Mart to purchase it @ 6AM cuz for some reason I thought they would sell out fast. Needless to say, they didn't... I know everyone will say just to go with the system you like (and I do like PS3) but Xbox seems to be crushing PS3. I just DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DREAMCAST on my hands. Nothing sucks more than spending all that money on a system/ games, only to see it discontinued.

So here are my pro's and con's for each system:
PS3 Pro's:
* Cheaply replaceable Hard Drives (My friend gets 180GB's free @ work)
* Blue-Ray
* Ability to run Linux (If my computer ever crashes....I guess)
* Bluetooth compatible with my keyboard/ mouse.
* Free Wi-Fi
* Multi-Platform Games
* Reliability
PS3 Con's:
* Free, yet horrible Online Service. (Yeah, I know.. IT'S FREE, so was Net Zero!)
* Not interested in any PS3 exclusives
* Seems like every Multi-Plat game scores lower for frame-rate probs.
* Danger of Discontinuation (Let's face it guys, it really is)
* Awkward feeling Controllers (Feels like it's gonna pop outta my hands

XBOX 360 Pro's:
* Large Game Library
* Exclusives that I actually like (Bioshock, Halo3, Gears...)
* Great Online play
* Now offering HDMI Output (Important to me)
* No Danger of Discontinuation (till the next XBOX)
* (Supposedly) Superior GPU
* Awesome Feeling Controllers
XBOX Con's:
* I've always hated Microsoft (sounds stupid, but it's true)
* Ring of Death (Of the 3 XBOX's I've played, all have malfunctioned)
* No Wi-Fi!
* Outrageously priced Hard Drives
* 2.4GHZ Contollers interfere with my other equipment
* Bill Gates charges you for Online play! Huh?
* Gay design
Help! What do you think? I gotta make up my mind by December 2nd, before the 30 day return period... Decisions, decisions....

Covenant4930d ago

You've posted this twice, in two separate comment sections. Not a bad idea, especially since they're two of the most-read/commented-on stories of the day, but this may be more appropriate for the forums.

However, posting in the forums has its own problems: Post in the 360 forum, and you can guess what they'll likely recommend. Post in the PS3 get the picture.

My advice, as someone who has gamed for more than 25 years and sells games for a living:

--Look at the games. Which system has the games that appeal to you now, and more importantly, in the future? That was the biggest factor for me in choosing the 360.

--Online play: PS3 is free, but Live is better, though at a $50/year cost. Unified friends list on Live helps. PSN will improve, though.

--What do your friends own? Most of mine--in fact, all but one--have a 360. And they're all on my Live friends list. If more of your friends have PS3, then that may be what to stay with.

--Bear in mind that the 360 has had, shall we say, "a few hardware problems." The three-year warranty helps, but it comes with the slight inconvenience of having to ship it to MS. Consider an extended warranty or replacement plan.

--Other than that, also consider HD playback: The PS3 has it built-in. The 360 offers a peripheral drive, but more importantly, has HD content available on Live for a small fee. And, both systems are now offering games from their older system for download. If you want HD content and older Xbox games, consider the Elite. That 120GB HD is sweeeeet. And if you get the big HD early, you won't have to pay an outrageous price for it later.

If you stay with the 40GB, bear in mind that it won't play PS2 games. Consider trading it in if the retailer still has 60GB (full PS2 compatibility) models in stock. It's $100 more, but you get to play God of War, Gran Turismo, etc.

Hope that helps. PM me if you want more info. I try to be fair in my views, and even though I own a 360, I have respect for the PS3.

(I also posted this where you asked in another comment section).

Charlie26884930d ago

Dude with the cons you post its probably deal breaker for both for you

and dude be a little bit realistic unless Sony runs out of money and halts all production of their electronics and burns all their money on a big pit...hell will freeze over before Sony lets the PS brand die

by the way you seem to have a VERY awkward selection of prons and cons for both console >.>

Bebedora4930d ago

Infinity Ward, are they under Activision's umbrella?

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whateva4930d ago

looks at Halo 3 yeah COD4 should of sold 3 million.

gamesblow4930d ago

So, COD4 is about right on par with all of Sony's other games... 500,000 sold and nothing mroe. What a piece a' Joke. no wonder why developers make their game the lowest common denominator. Who wants to take advantage of a system the consumers aren't going to take advantage of? Simple as that. Sony's in a whole mess of trouble... kiss 'em g'bye.

crazy250004930d ago

dude, youre either just plain dumb or dont think before you type

look at the ratio's of ps3 owners to 360 owners and then look at the amount of COD sold on each system, that must tell you something, if you cant figure it out, let me know and ill type out all the math for you

Snukadaman4930d ago

its almost 20% of the user base....well we wont see many ps3 fanboys commenting since there were only 31K of 40 gigs sold...which is terrible considering shmee said it would sell out..hahahaha the dream of some is bitter reality ...thank god the public is showing with their wallets what they think of taking BC out of their whats the next sku for sony...ill guess a 100 gig with full BC..449$.

aceitman4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

wait for christmas when all the ps2 owners that where waiting for a price drop and more games well its time and christmas is going to be a big push for sony . watch the boost of sales and these people buying hd dvds players for 99 bucks dont know what there buying cause its cheaply made just to get someone to buy it oh look a hd player for 99 bucks oh i have to get it but nobody told them there isnt going to be many movies out for it did anyone tell them that .or tell them that they dont have full hd picture 1080p it only gets 720p 1080i no well its a shame customers will suffer at the end . and game developers are getting familiar with the ps3 it will put the 360 look like the wii's graphics well except ea no wonder y there losing money and closeing offices which i think it has to do with peter moore telling them to make it less better on the ps3 the year for sony is 2008 starting december this year on out go sony

lawman11084930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

The PS3 only sold 179,000 opps.....sorry, wow those are some bad numbers for Sony and THIS is why MGS4 and FF will be on the 360.

games4fun4930d ago

back to using vgchartz as a reliable source again thx but ill wait for a more reliable source before i come to any conclusions

iceman29294930d ago

the thing that you guys are forgeting is that these developpers dont care about the fact that ps3 could possibly have more potential. The fact of the matter is that right now, games are selling in higher volumes for the 360 in comparison to the ps3. thats all the matters folks, what they can sell, NOW... ( im not saying that they dont try to speculate, but there is no reason to assume that the 360 will suddenly disappear and the ps3 coming from behind and sell millions of units in the the next 6 months)

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Real gamer 4 life4930d ago

so the xbox 360 sold 13 million in 2 years vs the ps3 that sold 6 million in one year. although those numbers arent bad for microsoft or sony, both console sold well. sony has almost one half of the 360 install base. But Nintendo is the true winner here. They will win this generation although its to early to tell. the xbox has released alot of heavy hitters this year while the ps3 have released none. Nintendo released its big franchise titles aswell, Zelda, mario and metroid are nintendo proven franchise games. Next year is going to be an interesting year for sony. I personally cant wait till 08, i am so hyped of mgs4, LPB, FF13, FFversus, god of war3 and i am courious to see how killzone will fair. 08 is the break out year for sony.

Honeal2g4930d ago

is ff13 gettin released in japan and the rest of the world the same time....pls say yes cause i cant deal with sony's our country first routine... thats the game i;m waiting for before i break my wallet

JasonPC360PS3Wii4930d ago

It was 13 million two moths ago, Halo has helped sell a million sense then. Uh...when did the PS3 reach 6 million?

ParaDise_LosT4930d ago

Look at Xboxs attach rate on software!
360 is a freaking beast here in america....

Snukadaman4930d ago

And considering we are taking japans status as the big game buyers continent...since japan hardly breaks 100K for any console....we are the new otaku.

socomnick4930d ago

I think Xbox 360 is the new king of America all my friends dont want a ps3 they wouldn't even remotely consider buying one. They I think America is a XBOT :)

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