Rumor: IGN Immorally Using Copyright Laws Against Competition?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes,"Recently, YouTube user trouble8385, had some interesting things to say about IGN and the way that they conduct their internet business."

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beastgamer3106d ago

it's IGN, what do you expect?

alster233106d ago

yes because everything they have done before like hating on the ps3 was just a sign that it would lead to shady business practices like this right??

beastman143106d ago

IGN is a money whore company, sinking deep in developers pocket, Mainly like M$.
They probably control other gaming sites and try to harm developers/publisher by giving them bad names unless they get PAID with a FAT CHECK!
Since IGN, Rotten Tomatoes, Etc has so much power, Its like publishers, companies fear them and try to make them happy so what ever they make or release don't get hit with harsh remarks.

alster233106d ago

so EA paid ign to give medal of honor 6.0?

LOGICWINS3106d ago

"IGN is a money whore company, sinking deep in developers pocket, Mainly like M$."

I know this is N4G, so the following question may be foreign to you:

Do you have any evidence to support your claims?

Pixel_Pusher3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

received the same bogus notices when I uploaded some BF3 vids.

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sourav933106d ago

Kinda reminds you of Apple :3

zeddy3106d ago

i know its bullshit and ign are gay but no-one wants to watch these 10 year olds do a boring ass commentary, i only go to vash12349 for those because he's a funny mofo!

Miiikeyyy3105d ago

Never liked IGN tbh. IGNorant can't review games for shit! When they reviewed battlefield bad company vietnam they gave it a 9.5. They took 0.5 off cus the reviewer didn't like 1 song. Fail!

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CaptainPunch3106d ago

I've had this happen to me, I just file a counter claim right away.

Hockeydud193106d ago

Lol they are just asking for a lawsuit from Square Enix

beastman143106d ago

If Square decides to take action, all IGN will do is talk shit about ever game they publish with bad reviews and probably paid others to do the same.

xtremexx3106d ago

and then everyone with notice this and say F**K IGN

STK0263106d ago

@xtremxx, if this were from any other publisher, maybe, but since gamers seem to be quite upset with SE these days, not sure they'd side with them over anything. Same applies with Activision.

Tuxedo_Mask3106d ago


I think everyone would side with SE/Eidos on this one. Especially since the video IGN is claiming the copyright of is from a game that they spent their money to make, not to mention the fact that IGN had absolutely nothing to do with it being released. It would be equivalent to Ebert and Roeper copyrighting the video of a movie someone reviews on YouTube.

opinska3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"first I sign... then I sign... then I sign... TELL EM COME AND SEW MEEE!"

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The story is too old to be commented.