New WiiWare Information Sheds Light on File Sizes, Profit Sharing, Limitations

New details on the inner workings of Nintendo's WiiWare program have surfaced, providing a glimpse at Nintendo's strategy for the channel that will specialize in new, original downloadable games.

When the online store goes live in 2008, developers will be free to price their games as they see fit, IGN editors Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon reported on their latest Wii-k in Review podcast. However, developers will face a strict size limit of 40MB.

Speaking of money, the IGN duo claims that Nintendo is offering developers a 65:35 split on the game's profits, with Nintendo taking the lesser figure. Budgets for WiiWare titles are said to fall between $50,000 and $150,000, with most of them under $100,000.

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FelicityOldGamer4926d ago

Like it or not... it will be a great for the Wii new games for download!

Wiiware... here I go!

ruibing4926d ago

I like how that Final Fantasy one looks but how in the world do they make it available for only 40MB? Is it episodic or something?

Darkiewonder4926d ago

Either way, it looks good ;o

anthonsh4926d ago

I dont get the space concern thing. Buy an SD card... If you're anything like me, you've downloaded a few N64 games and a ton of others, and most of them you dont play on a regular basis. Store them, delete them, and reload them on a long weekend when you have 36 hours and a desire to play through an old zelda classic.
Its not ideal, but it beats the **** out of the alternative...

BrotherNick4926d ago

I'm just wondering if anyone could spare 50000 dollars. I have ideas but no monies, how would someone get that much?