Everybody on PSN has a mic

No one on PSN has a mic…Do you believe that?

SchollA from writes - The purpose of this article is to shed some light on a topic that frequently comes up and thats the perception that NO ONE ON PSN have mics. Which in translation means most people on PSN don’t have mics. I know a lot of that energy comes from people who are spoiled by Xbox Live (nothing wrong with that) it’s feature set and that headsets come out the box but…..

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fluffydelusions3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Really depends on the game. Certain games on PSN are more lively with people who have mics than others. I found more people in KZ3 with mics than COD. In general though I find people on XBL with more mics and why wouldn't there be as they come bundled with every system.

iamnsuperman3094d ago

Image everyone with a PS eye technically has a mic. I forgot mine was on the other day. I prefer not to use a mic

falloutx3094d ago

lol funny story
I was playing KZ2 about a month ago and nobody had a mic on, I just turned my mic on and all of a sudden 6 people had their mics on too.

killcycle3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

It really depends on the people you play with.
Alot of people just like to play where as some play specifically to chat with friends from work, family, school.

Why would you want to talk to total strangers on mic anyway?

I only use mic with people i don't know when i play team based tctical games like MAG, Warhawk, socom, etc.

You'd be suprised how coordinating with your team really changes the outcome of battles.

Game like cod how ever, who really cares! Run, gun, kill streak... DONE!

newleaf3094d ago Show
Pixel_Enemy3094d ago

newleaf has only one bubble? Huh...

Enate3094d ago

@falloutx its exactly the same for me when I play on my PS3.

gaffyh3094d ago

I've got like 3 mics, and i don't use any of them, just don't want to. I usually mute everyone who's talking too.

Kleptic3094d ago

a lot of PS3 online games have different options for voice chat...and you sometimes have to change settings either in the game or in the xmb to hear people if you are not using a mic...

killzone 2 was always that way...if you didn't set the output device to your tv or stereo, you could not hear anyone talking unless you had your mic on...was kind of nice imo, as its like an auto mute if you didn't feel like using your mic for whatever reason...and I can't think of anyone that would prefer to hear someone's voice jumbled in with the game it sounds like shit...

Anon19743093d ago

I usually don't bother with my mic. If I'm playing and there's actually someone to talk with, or people looking to use a little strategy I'll pull the mic out, but I find that doesn't happen all the often. It's certainly more helpful in KZ then it is in COD. COD, in my experience, might as well not have mics. Everyone's yelling, playing music or just generally being asses - I have yet to play a game of COD where someone actually used their mic to coordinate with the team.

WildArmed3093d ago

Same here, only time I do turn my mic on is if someone asks "Does anyone have a mic?" Or they directly address me.

Otherwise, the only time I do have my mic on when I'm playing w/ friends.

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BrianG3094d ago

So true, when I was playing Socom I noticed a lot of mics as well.

But people do have mics, think of how many have blutooth headsets. Those headsets are mics for PS3 users.

The difference is, on PSN I was never kicked for not having a mic (which I do have one). Whereas I've seen people kicked on games like Left for Dead because they did not have a mic plugged in. It really depends on the game like you said.

NoOoB1013094d ago

Socom confrontation 95% of people had mics. Because its a very tactical team orientated game. Iv been kicked from a few games cuz i didn't feel like turning my mic on.

Left for Dead is probably the worst about kicking people out..u pretty much have to have a mic on that game to play at all.

Dark_king3094d ago

@NoOoB101 Its funny,I always kept my mic off in confrontation because the proxy chat.I don't want nobody hearing me behind them.

Getowned3094d ago

LOL i can't count how many L4D2 matches i'v been kicked from when i first got it.i almost stoped playing because every one has a cow if you make 1 mistake.but i rarely get kicked now.

NoOoB1013094d ago

Lol..ya. Iv seen a few people sneak up behind someone and yell in the mic right before they knife, and the person hears it and turns around and lights them up. hahaha...or the occasional knife that misses but he doesn't hear that, all he hears is "damnit!!" and then turns around and kills him.

TheDivine3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I just started playing socom 4 and sometimes in a match of 32 only like 3 people have mics. In the more hardcore modes more people probably use them but i was suprised by how little people used them in a tactical game. Some games are better though but ive noticed on psn its a crap shoot if you dont have a clan or a lot of people in your friends list. On my way to socom 4 right now.

I dont get how people could play a team game without a mic though, Its not really fun imo. To each there own though.

NoOoB1013094d ago

Socom 4 brought in a lot of people who never really played socom..not to mention socom 4 is basically COD in 3rd person now =/
You don't really need alot of team work in it since its a lot easier to kill people now. Try playing confrontation..the game play is way different. The graphics arent as good but i prefer confrontation to socom 4.

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Persistantthug3094d ago

But why in the hell would I turn it on unless I have something to say?

I mean, think about it....If I'm gonna have to charge the thing, put it on and drain the batteries both short term and long term (over time batteries die), why would I want to use it just to curse some douche bag teenagers out?

If I'm gonna be using my Motorola headsets, then it damn well better be for something at least SEMI-important.

I'm a grown man....I'm no teeny bopper.

BeOneWithTheGun3094d ago

100% agree. The only time I will turn my mic on is if a friend is in the game. But even then, with no party feature, we have to listen to all the idiots in the lobby. I pretty much just call my friend and put him on speaker phone and we talk that way.

TBM3094d ago

i have a mic, and i generally use it only when im playing with fam/friends. most of the time i dont care to hear other peoples nonsense.

princejb1343094d ago

a lot of people have miss just some people choose not to put it on
myself included, this is a scenario the other day when i had my mic on
hey prince hey prince your a [email protected] , say something back you b!tch,mind you i wasn't even speaking on my mic period
reasons like this is why i rather not have my mic on

ZeroX98763094d ago

most of the times I mute everyone that sound annoying (music, trash talk, etc.) so I appear as not having a mic on their side, but I actually have one.

SilentNegotiator3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

The Resistance 3 beta is pretty chatty.

I bought a cheap $15 headset and it sounds just fine. I really only use it in tactically-inclined games and when playing with friends.

saladthieves3094d ago

I have a mic. I just prefer not to use it, or bother to.

Miiikeyyy3094d ago

I hate using a mic due to the other players, mostly big-headed americans.

played bfbc2, some american like 'all my friends know I'm the best at taking out tanks, if your in one, watch out!' *fired rpg and missed*

Or LBP2, some american saying 'stay behind me cus I'm better at swinging. Just wait there!' *swings and falls* 'ohh it lagged!'

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dkgshiz3094d ago

I only use a mic when playing with friends. Other then that half the people with mics use them to blare awful rap music and just trash that my ears can't stand.

JsonHenry3094d ago

^^ What is it about people that listen to rap music that play it over the mics on purpose like the rest of us MUST want to hear it?!

Thankfully we have a mute option!

Getowned3094d ago

ughh and the people that sing are just as bad X_X

fluffydelusions3094d ago

Definitely one complaint about PSN I have. Not sure why people assume I always want to hear their crap music.

saladthieves3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Agreed. It gets worse because they increase their mic's sensitivity level way too high which causes their crappy music to get amplified in the speakers connected to my TV/PS3 and you can hear every breath, swear, chewing, spitting, swallowing sounds they make.

nitrogav3094d ago

Yes really annoys me too . How do I mute them ? . I always end my game and go into another one .

cee7733093d ago

Babies crying, arguing, its comedy funny times

JsonHenry3094d ago

I've always found PSN to be a ghost town compared to PC/Xbox gamers when it comes to chatter.

However, that is not always a bad thing..

whitezagetsu713094d ago

I dont mic got chewed up by my dog

SonyStyled3094d ago

the earwax tends to give em a nice taste

nanometric3094d ago

I can relate to that, mine did the same thing with my official PS3 headset.

Bounkass3094d ago

I have one, so not no one...