ZoKnowsGaming: Madden NFL 12 Review: It Just Feels LIke Football

ZoKnowsGaming writes "Are you ready for some football? After having to wait a few extra weeks for Madden this year, on Tuesday everyone will be able to get their hands on the latest installment -Madden NFL 12. Almost every year there are mixed reviews on Madden and unfortunately this year won’t be any different. I have been playing Madden for over 15 years and I am as hard on the franchise as anyone, but there are some folks out there that will never be satisfied. I had a chance to interview Josh Looman about franchise mode and Michael Young about the improved presentation this year, and I can tell you both of these guys love the game and love football. Moreover, they’ve worked really hard to deliver a game that we all can love. Madden 12 does have its flaws, but this year’s game makes the biggest leap forward yet and should have players really excited about the future of the franchise."

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Armyntt3103d ago

Good to hear. Day one!!!!!

Darkspade3103d ago

Feels like football? What about never being able to get INT's, and Pass interference doesn't play any roll in the game

thatruth20063102d ago

Been playing madden 12 for a few weeks and haven't had any trouble getting interceptions, in fact user picks are much better this year. I'll give you pass interference isn't all that prevalent but that could be adjusted through tuning if you like.