10 Games This September That Will Be Heavy On Your Wallet

"Ever heard of the phrase “calm before the storm?” because this is exactly what’s going to happen in the gaming industry soon. After a dull two months, September is filled with games that’ll bleed your wallet dry. We at GamingBolt have compiled a list of games that we think are going to be the main contenders for your time and money this September. We do have something to say about Deus Ex: Human Revolution before we begin. It’s an amazing gem of a game released in a month that has very few games coming out. So if you can, please check that game out, because it’s amazing."

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dark-hollow3106d ago

UGH this site should be banned from n4g!!!!
Am I asking too much to put your lists on one PAGE?

CynicalVision3106d ago

They do it for the hits, I completely agree with you...they should either change their layout or just be banned from the site.

CommonSense3105d ago

Not to mention that they list 2 different soccer games. i can imagine one or the other being something you'd want to buy, but 2 soccer games in one month? you'd have to REALLY love soccer.

Gears of War 3 is a must have. the rest i'll have to think about. Probably Resistance...if i beat Deus Ex in time. I would love to get ICO and SOTC, but they'll have to wait...once Gears 3 hits, i'll be way to invested to invest in other games.

Slappy McGee3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Here's the list so you don't have to give them hits.

Resistance 3
Dead Island
Gears of War 3
God of War Origins Collection
Silent Hill Collection
Resident Evil HD collection
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
ICO-SOTC collection
F1 2011

MaxOpower3106d ago

Wow only one game that I'm going to get (ICO-SOTC collection )

And what is with all these HD collections?

Getowned3106d ago

lol not a one game on that list for me..gonna wait for Dead Island reviews but really nothing.looks like my wallet will keep it's money.

iamnsuperman3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Thank you. +bubs for being helpful.

OT: not getting any of those games. Got to save up. I did like the resistance beta but I will probably get it at a later date but not right now

TheShow173105d ago

Thanks for the list, so I didn't have to sift through that shitty site!

I feel like they just listed all the big games coming out in Sept. Two soccer games and four collection games, really?

TheDareDevil3105d ago

Isn't PES coming out in October?

BladedTech3105d ago

Is it sad that I am probably going to be buying none of these? For me, all the good games are going to be happening in 2012.

kcuthbertson3105d ago



Arkham City?
Uncharted 3?
Gears 3?

What kind of games do you like lol..I wish I was like you, I'm going to be sooo broke.

SantistaUSA3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I'm getting Gears of War 3 and FIFA 12 (PC) :)

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CaptainPunch3106d ago

Yeah GB is a pretty bad site, they always go for hits. You can tell by the titles they post. I always roll my eyes whenever I see their name in the source.

saladthieves3105d ago

Anyone noticed that there are a lot of number 3s at the end of some of the upcoming titles?

Solidus187-SCMilk3105d ago

yeah thanks for ths list because I just dont bother with lists that make me load a page each time for a tiny pic and a paragraph.

I will probably get gears 3 next month, but I just got Deus ex 3 and its great so Im good for a bit.

At the beginning of October DARK SOULS comes out and Im getting that right away. Everyone here should get dark souls, it will be awesome.

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fluffydelusions3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Gears 3 is a definite buy. Dead Island I'm still not quite sold on yet but if reviews turn out good I'll buy it. Also will probably pick up the RE HD collection though I'm not sure about in September as it's right next to Gears 3 which will get most of my playtime till BF3.

S_C3106d ago

The Games for Me This Sept Are ...Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge (Cant Wait), Dead Island, F1 2011 And Fifa 12.

Godchild10203106d ago

Out of the ten games, I'm looking to only buy 4, maybe 5 games (Dead Island being the 5th one). Gears 3, Resistance 3, God Of war collection and The ICO & SOTC Collection.

Cpt_kitten3106d ago

eh team ico collection and maybe re and silent hill collections but other than that seems dead

don't like resistance, gears 3 is gears not excited about it and dead island.....another zombie game nuff said there

CanadianTurtle3106d ago

Its so hard to find time these days. Its because I'm graduating soon and I'm getting a job soon. I really have to pick carefully which games I want to play. Resistance 3 is definitely on my list.

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