Xbox 360 Slim Models Now Hacked And J-Tagged

It looks like it has finally happened, the new Xbox 360 Models have now been finally hacked and J-Tagged.

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dark-hollow3318d ago

Thanks for the heads up!
You might As well give us a link or two about where we can buy those -_-

xtremexx3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

why would i?

dark-hollow3318d ago

Piracy news should be banned from n4g.
I know it's not your intentions to promote piracy but it's just a heads up for pirates.

It's like saying "hey, there is that house next door that the owner forgot to lock. Just sayin"

xtremexx3318d ago

@dark-hollow but its not like its easy and also anyone who is interested in hacking this would be on top of all the news, its not like if it isnt submit it, no-one would know

NewMonday3318d ago

Unfortunately the hacking we see this generation is mainly for piracy


Way to support piracy dude.

I hope you never get sponsorship for your site.

dantesparda3318d ago

@ xtremexx

I dont know sh!t about whats going on in the hacking world except for when its posted here and it just gives me ideas.

eddvdm3318d ago

I think the only news that should be banned are those which mess with the overall flow of information, like duplicates, obvious advertising, etc. The rest is news, what this site lives for.

Journalism is about providing information, not taking sides. If you want partial news go to official sites which pick stories so their products don't go bad.

The day N4G starts banning news because of general opinions I'll stop taking it as my main game news source.

SilentNegotiator3318d ago

"Piracy news should be banned from n4g.
I know it's not your intentions to promote piracy but it's just a heads up for pirates"

Well said.

BTW, What the heck does "J-tagged" mean?

playboi283318d ago

JTAG: Joint Test Action Group. It's entirely too much to explain here but you can find an explanation here:

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Solid_Snake-3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

people who mod consoles are in the scene and know this kinda stuff before N4G does so it is hardly promoting piracy.

as for people investing in J-TAG 360 slims i would wait for this firmware/hack to be tested by the masses then maybe think of getting it done. new firmwares have been known to get you banned due to improper testing.

source....... ;-)

xtremexx3318d ago


lol wut? like i said:

"its not like its easy and also anyone who is interested in hacking this would be on top of all the news, its not like if it isnt submit it, no-one would know"

Imalwaysright3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Mr kun lin Say whathever the fuck you want. The day you get something stolen from you that you worked your ass of to get its the day im gonna laugh until i spit my lungs out because i bet that you will be crying like a little baby. Youre not entitled to nothing youre just a fucking thief period. Youre scum and youre proud of it. I feel sorry for your parents.

Edit. my reply was meant to the thief below.

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PR0X13318d ago

If I can make the xbox 360 into a high end media machine than I will buy the xbox slim.

WitWolfy3318d ago

The only reason alone to jtag it, but i wonder if XBMC Live would be able to recongize the CPU and GPU seeing that there isnt drivers for it imo, plus I read that when people loaded it through Linux it didnt have any sound... Which is a bummer :(

ATi_Elite3318d ago

I was able to get some hands on experience with a Jtagged 360 a few weeks back and you know what they are awesome!!

Yeh it's a pirate machine but it offers so many features and utilities that the regular 360 does not like Having all your games running from a HDD is one great feature that i'm sure the xbox720 will have.

Not promoting the Piracy part of the j-tags but the convenience features of it are pretty cool.

Mr_Lu_Kim3318d ago

It's in the same ball park as rooting your Andriod phones.

Makes the phone so much better, faster, more user friendly etc. but does enable piracy.

I am a pro modder/hacker for sure and am partial to piracy, but god love Steam and it's sales. Retail here is Australia almost forces us to go down the J-tag path if you own an Xbox.

jeeves863318d ago

@ Lu Kim

You're not forced to pirate, dude. It's called going without.

playboi283318d ago

says the person that doesn't have to go without...

sackb0y3317d ago

@jeeves86 where lu kim lives its 120 bucks per game. So that why he wants to do it. just think how bad it would suck to buy brink thinking it would be good for 120 and go home and play it. I would cry.

Kushan3317d ago

Rooting an android phone doesn't enable piracy, you don't need root for that. You can install an app externally without requiring root at all (unless you're on AT&T but that's different, you can't even use legit app stores in that instance).

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SephirothX213318d ago

Hacking news should not be banned from N4G. What idiot thinks that it should? Just because somebody hacks their console, doesn't mean they're going to pirate and there is nothing illegal about hacking your own property.

Head over to for news about hacking. This is a breakthrough in the hacking scene as the last consoles that could be jtagged were those that released before or not upgraded to the xbox live update in Summer 2009. The new slims are hard to hack in the conventional way as in flashing the dvd drive with new firmware. This method offers a hack that allows the console to run unsigned code, like the PS3 hacks but will probably mean no online like the previous jtag hacks. Though many people will find use in this. For example people who mostly play their 360 offline and have a pc or ps3 for online play.

snipes1013317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

You can't filter news just because it is not favorable. Following that logic, we should not report school shootings because it might give some kid an idea to go shoot up home room.

Piracy is an unfortunate part of the gaming community and reporting on it is just a part of it. We can't ignore it just because we don't like it.

Though I have to say posting all of the specs about it that basically outlines how to do it is kind of suspect.

farhad2k83317d ago

"Muhuhuhahahahahahaha&quo t; -Every PS3 user on this planet.

Kushan3317d ago

Every PS3 user on the planet is no better off. It's possible to (using similar methods, actually, i.e. soldering) mod a PS3 to run CFW even if it has been updated, by dumping its memory and modifying it (it's essentially a downgrade). The only thing that differs from the PS3 hacks and this is that this will likely not get patched by future dashboard versions, whereas at the moment Sony has managed to keep CFW on 3.55 and below only. However, given enough time, it's likely that the PS3 will be hacked again in future.

There is a good side to this, though. The "regular" 360 hacks of modifying the DVD drive to play burned copies lets people get away with online play, sometimes never getting banned and usually at least getting away with it for MONTHS. However, JTAG 360's get banned within 30minutes of going online. If more people use this hack, less people will pirate games to go online with.

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Criminal3318d ago

It's about time, I guess. I hope people won't misuse this, pirating ruins gaming for everyone.

videoxgamexfanboy3318d ago

name one game piracy has ruined for you? then plz explain how. until piracy directly affects me i refuse to blame it for whatever the current trend is. i have emulators just like most of you on n4g do difference is is that im not afraid to admit it. with a name like criminal its funny your against piracy. speak for yourself when u say piracy has ruined gaming for everyone. the only thing thats destroying gaming is fanboys...

Criminal3318d ago

I agree with the fanboys part, but pirating does hinder gaming. I'm not talking about emulator, side note I don't use one because I rarely go back to play old game, what I talking about is pirating new releases. Look at some of PSP, PC, DreamCast games that were ruined by that. I highlight some, not all.

P.S. Criminal has been my nickname for 15 years now, an Eminem song inspired me and I stuck with it.

MidnytRain3318d ago

I really don't think fanboys are comparable to piracy. Fanboys are just cheerleaders that fuel competition, even if they're annoying. Piracy hurts the guys who make our games, thus we are in turn affected.

Undeadwolfy3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

A question, what are peoples views on emulators? Right/wrong? Because there are some games which I used to own which no longer work due to damaged disks and cant find anywhere else so I download the Rom and play it on my PC. Also I can convert the file to play on my homebrew PSP. Remember, this is simply because the games arent available on the PS Store.

DragonKnight3318d ago

@Undeadwolfy: Technically, since you bought a copy of a game and it no longer works for whatever reason, you are legally allowed to download the ROM of said game since you paid for said game already. You are just using a working copy of a game you bought. If you didn't buy the game, then that's illegal. Emulators aren't illegal either.

WitWolfy3318d ago

IMO i believe the game trade ins have harmed the video games industry the same if not more then what piracy has, even some of the game devs agree to this.

And thats why we have in game passes.. thanks a lot EA,Ubi and soon to be every developer in the market

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MarkusMcNugen3318d ago

"Piracy hurts the guys who make our games, thus we are in turn affected."

So does buying games used...

FlintGREY3318d ago

Well said my friend....

People fail to realize that piracy and buying used are basically the same when it comes to supporting games and devs...

The_Xtrakt3318d ago

Why do people keep saying this? A transfer of ownership to one person from another is NOT the same as producing new copies.

MarkusMcNugen3318d ago

True, but developers dont get any money from the sale of used games. Making it basically the same when it comes to "supporting the devs"

GameOn3318d ago

Yes, and also money from used game sales is usually fed back into the system.

The_Xtrakt3318d ago

They've already been paid. After all, a used game is a new game that's been sold.

tiffac0083318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Not exactly, since the used games have already been purchased from retail once. So the developers has made a profit on the initial sale.

Piracy on the other hand doesn't give anything to the developers.

JackBNimble3318d ago

Stealing a game and buying a used game are two different things indeed!

DragonKnight3318d ago

"So does buying games used..."

Actually, that is incredibly false. Yes, developers do not make money from used game sales, however you forget that each used game sale was, at one point, a NEW game sale. So developers already have made money off the game, just not twice or thrice or whatever on the same copy.

If 6 million discs are made, they are all SOLD to retailers by the publishers who then take all of that money and distribute it accordingly. That's, say $360 million dollars (average) that is divided up between production/distribution costs, advertising costs, and publisher/developer share of profit. However, THEY STILL GET THE MONEY FROM THOSE SALES AND THUS ARE NOT HURT!

Wanting money from the re-sale of a game copy you already received profit from is called being greedy. Developers DO NOT get hurt from used game sales. That's just a spin on their greed.

FlintGREY3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

@ Everyone above

If it wasn't the same thing, there would be no Online Passes.

Buying used does NOT support games and devs is the point.....just like piracy.

Case Closed

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snipes1013317d ago

I use emulators primarily for old school games that are hard to find/expensive. I just got into emulators and I instantly downloaded Earthbound, which costs somewhere around 100 dollars for a copy.

On top of that the game is out of print, so no video game companies stand to profit from me buying a copy.

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3GenGames3318d ago

Good, the more hacked the better as people should have a right to modify what they have bought to a point. Games, no. Hardware, yes!

fluffydelusions3318d ago

You have to much faith in humanity. 99.9% of these people modifying consoles are doing so to play pirated games not tinker with the innards.

3GenGames3318d ago

Yeah, but considering I program the NES, if they figure it out now, it'll save time for people down the road how actually do program them. I love homebrew and it's an amazing thing. The only bad thing is that the pirates do abuse it badly, but I consider it good for those who do good with it. If the 360 had a API for programming that wasn't XNA and gave you actual access to the console as a whole, it'd be a perfect balance to stop piracy and give everyone what they want, the ability to change the system. At least most people I know want it, but I live on NESDev, so I'm a little weird. ;) :P

bigevilworldwide3318d ago

which would mean that MS has the right to not let your hardware that you can do whatever you want with run with their software on on their service

3GenGames3318d ago

Games, not software. The OS doesn't matter, you don't have to have it run that, only if you want to use their online service of course. That's understandable and perfectly within reason to me.

But the developers need to stop keeping these debug modes and such out of the game completely because the only think "hackers" do today is change a save file, they don't hack crap. It's not M$ or $ONY's fault the games get broken like that, it's the developers fault.

MarkusMcNugen3318d ago


You sound pretty confident about that number. Where did you get that statistic? Show me some proof, otherwise your just saying your personal opinion.


They do that. If they catch a J-tagged 360 on Live they ban it. Which they have the right to do. Nobody is saying they dont. The hardware is still yours and its your right to modify it anyway you want.

Redempteur3318d ago

lol i had fun reading the explanations ... thank for the links was fun .

joeorc3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

" The hardware is still yours and its your right to modify it anyway you want."

while i agree you can mod the Hardware, the software is a completely diff. animal all together, without the software the system would be a brick, an without the modding of the software your restrictions to mod the Hardware are quite limited, if you want to keep functionality.

the thought that you buy the hardware does not mean that everything on the system is 100% yours to do with as you please, that is the thing many hacker's today are not getting through their Head.

While im not saying your not entitled to hack the Hardware, you are not allowed to hack the software the software on board the system belongs to the companies that release the system at point of sale with the express permission of a licence.

if you do not like it there is quite an open platform already that allows complete hacking that's the personal computer with Linux.

Making an Embedded system for Gaming is for people to play games that these companies make for other's to enjoy, that's the purpose . If you want to hack the system that's your choice , but the on board software does not belong to you, so if you want to hack hack the physical hardware but leave the software out of it, you may say than what's then point without the software it's useless, that is the point!

can you hack the system without using or going through their software?, that includes patching their OS on board?

Remember their software is not Open source, you have to have permission to patch that software from the companies that make the software. Game console Software belongs to the companies, not the consumer unless it's open source, which asking these companies to make their system with an Opensource OS to come preinstalled?

Even Sony who did offer the Consumer the option to Install Linux, through Sony's "XMB" as an option worked out well, untill people abused it.

This is once again, the very core of the problem, you want it to be what you want , not what it is.

these platforms are not meant to do what you want to do, that's what the PC is for.

embedded systems are another animal all together, hacking a phone an hacking a game console is not the same thing, an if that ever happens , everything would in all likely hood move to the cloud, if your ok with that than keep hacking.

I know Im not, an im a hacker.