Forge to be better than ever in Halo 4

TechNoid writes: "PAX's Halo 4 panel just confirmed that Forge will be back in Halo 4"

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dark-hollow3096d ago

I know it's probably won't happen but I would like a forge mode which let you build whole new maps like in far cry 2
But that only would kill DLC map packs so I guess it won't happen

JoePrime3096d ago

Yea - Far Cry has an AMAZING map-editor, especially for a console game.

I think the problem with Forge is that it tries to remain incredibly simple to use, and yet wants to be incredibly in-depth and complicated. I had a great deal of fun with Forge - but if they don't add some terrain editing options, I will be very sad. :(

iamnsuperman3096d ago

Far Cry 2 was amazing for map editing. I tried it and it wasn't to hard but by god could some people create some amazing maps. I remember one being the shape of the millenium falcon. It just a shame the multiplayer wasn't that good to want people to play it because the map editor was amazing

KingDustero3096d ago

Same here. I want a full on map creator. Forge was nice back when Halo 3 came out, but now it is just too simple and Far Cry has shown that MUCH more can be done.

Gray-Fox-Type03096d ago

forge was unique and innovative, hope they make it into a full map editor like the one in Far Cry 2.

WhiteLightning3096d ago

I want to create a massive glass fotress......

You know how much fun that would be as people would just shoot randomly breaking the glass...people would fall, get trapped, get hurt......

Fine it's a silly idea.

They should take some ideas from Gmod

fluffydelusions3096d ago

Aren't Apple building a store just like that in California? :)

WhiteLightning3096d ago

With the money they have.....I'm not surprized.

Cpt_kitten3096d ago

yeah take the concept of forge world and just give us a map creator and if people don't want to take the time to make there own map put in a forge world too

but you have to create an iconic multiplayer map that everyone is going to want in the rest of the games like blood glutch was to the first trilogy

DeleteThisxx3096d ago

Wow, like we havent heard this before. I would HOPE an old (great) feature would be improved upon in a sequel.

kaveti66163096d ago

Forge world was really good but the building blocks were all the same grey color. I got bored immediately with the Forge tools because there wasn't enough variety in the assets they provided.

I also did not like that Bungie created several core MP maps using Forge World assets because they were all the same drab color. Although the Cage is a great MP map, it does not have a unique visual style like Reflection or Zealot. And the cliff face that The Cage is built next to is very low-res because of Forge World's render method.

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