Halo 4 - Brand new art video

343 released a brand new video for Halo 4 just a few minutes ago.

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Gray-Fox-Type03095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Liking the whole mysterious and whole new adventure vibe this is going to be epic. The art style looks fantastic if they create environments like that in the game it will be wonderful.

Cpt_kitten3095d ago


marty's music won't be apart of the universe anymore but this new sound totally set the theme for the trilogy

when is the halo 4 panel going to be posted? im interested in what they have to say

fluffydelusions3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

They didn't really give too much away. This video was the best part by far though I did also show a video of how they did some of the sound effects which was interesting. Other than that you didn't really miss much. Most was just Q and A.

ForROME3095d ago

I bought Xbox the original HALO I bought the 360 for HALO and I will be buying the next system for HALO

The one thing I loove about the new style, is it is more dark and serious tone than previous ones

Reminds me of old Batman Movies vs The New Batman Style

_Aarix_3094d ago

Bought it for Gears but halo is a big bonus

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