Leaked picture reveals Mortal Kombat PSVita name and release date

Someone that has access to Mortal Kombat development took a photo of a flier, which reveals a name and release date of Mortal Kombat game for PS Vita.

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dragonyght3106d ago

lol Mortal Kombat Vitality thats sound corny and fake

Godchild10203106d ago

Not really. Mortal Kombat Vi-Ta-Li-ty. No different than the word 'fatality' other than the V and the I. None the less I can see a MK game coming for the Vita but it better have all 4 DLC characters, plus more.

TacoTaru3106d ago

I'm sure all 4 will be available ... for a small fee. ^^


nope. still sounds awful. just because it fits into the "ality" doesnt mean it actually makes sense lol. vitality means "life". and life is the exact opposite of what mortal kombat is trying to get at, as the entire point of the game is to kill the person youre fighting.

Baka-akaB3106d ago

seriously debating over this ? it's no more stupid than Babality etc .

Nor like MK's goal was to change you into babies

farhsa20083106d ago

It will be awesome, cant go wrong if its a port of the console version which was awesome!

blackburn103106d ago

Oh well. It could be true. Its not like its impossible that they would make a MK game for the VITA. If its true one more game to look forward to. If not, life goes on

TheLastGuardian3106d ago

The rumor is only about the name and release date. Mortal Kombat was already confirmed for Vita. I like the name Mortal Kombat Vitality.

TruthBTold3106d ago

Dammit, TGS can't come soon enough. I am very ancious to hear about other games in development for the Vita and I hope they will release with the Vita. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a system. I need a FIFA or PES to come out with it as well.

Malcopunch3106d ago

We won't see Mortal Kombat Vitality at tgs because Tgs is japense and Mortal Kombat is amercian

Godchild10203106d ago

That doesn't mean much. We will get a US/EU release date there, so why not hear about some of the US/EU based games that are in development? You also make it seem like the Tokyo,Japan and china don't play fighting games.

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The story is too old to be commented.