GameZone - PAX Prime 2011 - Firefall Preview - Aims To Take Free-To-Play Gaming To The Next Level

GameZone's Matt Liebl previews the free to play MMORPG Firefall from PAX Prime 2011. It is a MMO shooter that depicts Earth 200 years in the future with dynamic world events and quic-paced, chaotic combat.

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JBWill3106d ago

I love this video, it does a great job of selling the epicness of Firefall. I'm super stoked for this game :)

hoder3106d ago

Very excited about this game. Red5 sure have taken their time to announce this one, but this PAX they proved they have the skills to market this game. It was everywhere on pax and they showed some love for the people who couldn't make it their as well! They threw some live broadcasting, set up a forum contest and constantly provided us with info.

Been waiting eagerly for this game and hope that beta comes around the corner soon :).

Uz3r0133106d ago

I like the soundtrack to this trailer. I hope it has a spot somewhere in the game. Need a firefall mix tape! err cd... err... mp3 colelction.

Alx2233105d ago

Yeah the sound track so far has been phenomenal I hope they have some type of downloadable sound track like some other games are starting to do.

Uz3r0133105d ago

You need an mp3 player mod for your battleframe! and each mod has their own set of tracks!

SoulOfOrigin3106d ago

This video is really nice, can't wait for Firefall. I think that the music really fits the video. To bad I couldn't come to PAX, really wanted to try the game out. I really like the open world PVE dynamic missions, and the PVP looks really polished as well.

ImOnTheRadio3106d ago

The trailer was wonderful. It would've been nice to get a little explanation about the game in the beginning though.
So far I haven't heard any people that have tried Firefall thinking negatively about it.

ghost7783105d ago

You havent heard anyone talk negatively about it because it is too awesome of a game. At this point, I dont think anyone watching this trailer needs an explanation of it and already knows about it.

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