Ninja Gaiden III Hands-On Preview: Fixing What Ain't Broke []

Dealspwn: "As the demo faded to black, I was left with the distinct impression that Team Ninja are trying to fix the parts of the series that aren't actually broken. The combat, once fluid and slick, is now punctuated by QTEs that add nothing to the experience and stifle the flow of each engagement. The wall climbing is a pointless replacement for something that worked perfectly well. And the boss was plain awful. If Ninja Gaiden III resembles the preview build when it hits shelves next year, it's set to be a homogenized shadow of its former nuanced self as rather than a return to form. As a fan of the series, I hope that the finished article will prove me wrong."

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Yi-Long3095d ago

... but I already had that feeling from everything I have seen and read about the game so far.

A shame, cause NG Black is still one of my favourite games EVER.

They should just cancel it now and get back to the drawingboard, instead of tarnishing the reputation of a potentially great series....

Blues Cowboy3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Agreed, NG Black was absolutely immense. It was tough and perfectly balanced - which is incredibly rare in gaming these days.

Team Ninja are too far along the dev cycle to back out now, but I hope they grow a backbone and make their *own* game rather than trying to dilute NG with QTEs etc.

Tanir3095d ago

black was awesome, only prob was no one used anything other than the katana cuz everything else sucked lol.

ng2 was amazing aswell, ng3 would probably be awesome if that gte crap wasnt there

NYC_Gamer3095d ago

I'm skipping over this casual qte piece of garbage

turgore3095d ago

Lol and you thought DMC was bad. At least that game will have decent combat.

bigevilworldwide3095d ago

No it wont it will be like ninja theory's other games with the ever popular major combo being sq,sq,tri or tri,sq,tri. Just like enslaved decent story awful combat and camera.

Peaceful_Jelly3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

how do you even know that? I mean, NT dropped the frame-rate of the game from 60fps to 30fps and that's a >>>HUGE<<< downgrade for a hack & slash game. I don't know if you have seen the gameplay vids of DMC but the action looks sluggish just like Enslaved.

If you actually took the time to read this preview, the author says that the game's pace is a bit slower because of the inclusion of the wall climbing with kunais and the QTEs that get in the way of the action, nothing more. Gameplay wise it still has the same old deep and gratifying combat system that Ninja Gaiden games are known for. And all this at 60fps...

bigevilworldwide3095d ago

Perhaps if they ask nicely and kiss his ass enough itagaki would be willing to step in and fix the game.....But then again if it flops, it will show without doubt that team ninja is nothing without itagaki