GameSpot - Madden NFL 12 Review

GameSpot - Few offseason improvements mean that Madden 12 is another fun but flawed entry in the stagnating series.

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ilovepsvita3102d ago

Does anybody even care for the Madden franchise anymore?

IM_A_NINJA3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

It's got more pre orders then Battlefield 3!

This year's Madden is actually looking pretty solid, the demo sold me.

NoobJobz3102d ago

Nope. Madden 04-06(last gen) were some of the best football games I've ever played. They haven't been good since.

dkgshiz3102d ago

Sports games are nothing but rehashes every year. Its almost as bad as COD.

Sub-Zero853102d ago

With the exception of the NBA 2K franchise at least the improve their game every year !!!

detroitmademe3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Yea this year is the best 1 since 2010,I no they better not remove any more features unless they have something better to replace it.At the start of this generation Madden 07 was a generic football game with good graphics.Remember how good 06 was,it had owner mode,player roles,players emotions.The only bad thing i can recall about 06 was the cpu was 2 easy to beat.When the PS4/Xbox720 comes out they better not remove any features or im done with Madden.Honestly franchise mode&Superstar mode should b so much better &deeper by now.I mean the game has been out on PS/XBX for at least 6 years hasnt it?That being said Madden 12 is pretty good.

damnyouretall3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

i buy madden every 2 years, so im getting it this year. not cause i love madden, its cause i love football with a passion. I DONT HAVE A FKN OPTION!! im a huge titans fan and i need a football game. blow me EA, heres $70. atleast madden is still football at its core

josephps33102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I still have Madden09 and I'll probably keep it until next gen system lol

They really have these yearly releases as DLC for just $20 because that's all they're really worth. I can wait a year no problem whatsoever cause I'm not missing out on anything and buy Madden12 for $20 when Madden13 comes out.

But if I was EA why would I stop when there are so many idiots out there that would fork over $60. You morons who pay do realize don't you that money could have bought you any of the 2011 blockbusters coming out: Rage, Dark Souls, Batman, Uncharted, Skyrim, Battlefield, MW3, Dead Island, Deus Ex(already out).

If you're a sports fan you must already own a copy of previous Madden. Are you serious telling me that you can't help yourself and buy another copy when you know full well its just more or less the same as the current copy you got? You're a numbnut, dumbass, moron, private Piles.