CVG - Resident Evil: Revelations: Returning to its roots

CVG - Like some bio-freak cooked up in Umbrella's house of horrors, Revelations is a bit of this spliced with a bit of that. Resi 4's over-the shoulder gunplay is stitched onto Resi 1's more measured pace, before the whole lot is transplanted into Resident Evil Gaiden's ocean liner setting.

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WhiteLightning3099d ago

What bugs me is that they added two new characters, one is going to be with Chris and the other with Jill. Is it so hard for Capcom to make a game where it's just Chris and Jill working together for the whole game, if they wanted to add more characters why didn't they bring in old ones they havent used for a while like Barry or Rebbeca.

It feels like they are adding uneccesary characters to the story when they could use old characters.

Even Jill was supposed to be in RE5 as Chris partner before the whole co-op idea, etheir you would team up with her at the start OR you would of went to Africa with Barry to find Jill after hearing she was still alive. Sheva even got to take down Wesker.....I mean WTF, why couldn't it of been Chris and Jill to finish it since they both were there with Wesker from the start.

topgun333099d ago

Now that vita is coming out, and more than capable of running Revelations, do you think Capcom will port it over to give more people the opportunity to play this cool game?