Nice One, Ninty: Why More Publishers Need To Own Up To Their Mistakes looks at how a simple apology could have averted many of the biggest PR nightmares in recent history (including the PSN hacking scandal), using Nintendo as an example.

Dealspwn: "This article was originally supposed to be a passionate, hateful, vitriolic rant about Nintendo. I'm a day one 3DS adopter after all... and I'm spoiling for a fight. I've completed Ridge Racer. I'm sick to death of Street Fighter. And quite frankly, I don't actually want to experience Ocarina again through my tired, cynical eyes. To be honest, I only use my expensive aqua blue paperweight as an electronic business card exchanging device at industry events (and to stop my stack of real business cards from blowing away on windy days). The lack of quality software and subsequent price drop felt like a kick in the teeth from a company that I've genuinely come to love and have invested huge amounts of my hard earned cash into, and I was ready to absolutely ream them.

But I can't. I literally can't. And the reason why will be obvious to anyone who's ever been bullied at school."

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jacksonmichael3098d ago

I'm happy with the Ambassador Program, that's great. But if Nintendo is going to apologize for something, I want the apology to be coming straight from Reggie.