PS3inside - Ridge Racer: Unbounded has posted up today a Preview on Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

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TitanUp3106d ago

is this going to support dx 11 or be a true dx 11 game?

BubbleSniper3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

if they are going to have all that destructability then the PC is where this game will be at. i am expecting a much more robust game on the PC than on either console.

ironic as this franchise started out on PlayStation, but PC dominates when it comes to adding longevity to a game. cant wait for the modding community to take things into their hands.

Spenok3106d ago

Lol i swear, every time i see the name for this game "Unbounded"

What the hell were they smoking when they decided that was a good name...?

On the plus side the game looks rather good lol.

Mutley4163106d ago

great racing games from this franchise... about RR