Top Ten Deus Ex: Human Revolution Tips

These tips aren’t just about successfully completing the game however, but also about maximising your enjoyment of it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t a game that’s designed to be rushed through, or crept around checking each and every corner. It’s meant to be played as if you were the augmented security specialist trapped within the tale of conspiracies and corporations. Playing through the game as if the unfolding events were happening to you, there are certain things you should be aware of, which the top ten tips below aim to highlight.

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Hellsvacancy3106d ago

Im playin my first play through on Hard (as i do most games), im 15 hours in, not killed anyone yet (except a boss or two)

Its awesome man, im lovin it

Welshy3105d ago

Same here, get a proper challenge and as much out of the story as you can first tine round.

2nd playthrough on easy to pick up loose trophies and have some fun times when you're more familiar with it :)

I can't recommend this game enough to anyone. MGS meets Mass Effect, what more can you as for in a game? 10/10 from me.

BeOneWithTheGun3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Me, too. Except the not killing part. I did ghost the first level but then soon realized no one cares if I kill everyone. As for the article talking about maximizing XP for augments, er, no, you don't need to worry.

I spent the first couple hours all paranoid, selling stuff for money and yadda yadda but really, as long as you don't bum-rush the missions, you can breeze through them. I have spent all my upgrades on running fast, and hacking. I kill every one I see (civilians, too) and even when the cops see me and attack I run and hide and the alarm goes back to normal.

This, is the only thing I do not like about the game. It's really easy in that aspect. I have ammo galore, 20k in credits and I am still in China. All I have to do during missions is take cover, head shot with my pistol, rinse and repeat. Worst case scenerio it gets harry and you run to a vent and turkey peek out and shoot the enemy.
The problem stems from those who don't care about stealth. It's fun to do but waaaaay too easy to just say screw it and take everyone out. When you kill a guy on a mission, more guards don't come. All you have to do is take cover and kill the remaining. Then, when alarms blaring you can run around, collect all the goodies and proceed unmolested.

The graphics, sound, atmosphere and story are all top notch. The difficulty is too easy. You can get away with murder (literally) to no consequence. I can always pay the bribes and I have yet to need a boost for my battery light things. It's like Mass Effect but you are using God mode cheat from GTA.

Not slamming the game but it just got too easy after a few upgrades. I literally killed almost all NPC in China so far just for shits and giggles.

Bolts3105d ago

I understand they're trying to embrace different play styles but going rambo is just too easy and it just render the entire stealth gameplay pointless.

morganfell3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Actually Fanboi he should play it the way he likes. That doesn't make him wrong.

You said going Rambo is too easy? No, for some of us stealth is too easy. Because the AI is so predictable - a guard walks exactly 10 meters, turns in the middle and looks around at the same location exactly 3 meters into his route then reaches the end where he stares at the same crate label for exactly 4 seconds. Then the AI faces away for exactly 5 seconds. Then turns and walks straight back on his route taking 6 seconds...every time.

"Hi, I am Mark 7, a robot of the future!"

Rote memorization makes stealth, even on "Give Me Deus Ex" mode a breeze. There is no "the point is to be stealthy" neither is there a "the point is to go rambo". The point is to be able to play the game the way you like.

I like the the game so far and have only 2 issues.

One is the AI. Not only are the AI patterned after the AI in the the first Splinter Cell as stated above (their alert levels are similar as well), but far too many people hang out on the streets or indoors just standing around doing nothing. If you walk up to them to talk, they spout random info about augmentation or such. Is that really what people would say in starting a conversation with a stranger? Would they rattle off about the latest news item? Is that the future of humanity?

I would rather have the tell me to screw off before they shot me or they called the cops, or they told me "excuse, me but do I know you?" Immediately launching into a tirade about Sarif kills the immersion and RPGs should be about immersion.

Using AI to provide random info about the game doesn't work. Other games also fall into the trap as well.

The second issue relates in a way to stealth. Players that decide to spend Praxis points on upgrades not designed to directly support kinetic combat are disadvantaged by boss fights where you are forced to use kinetic means to win. A player that decides to upgrade Adam to be stealthy, to be a highly skilled hacker is then forced to fight using kinetic means. Instead of permitting a method to beat Barrett using a stealth hacker route, the designers compel gamers to "go rambo". This has been the subject of a great deal of controversy on the web over the past week. The game is supposed to be about choice but at key points choice is taken away from the gamer.

Barrett wasn't hard. I walked in, gave him exactly one rocket to the chest dodged, reloaded and hit him again. I tossed one EMP grenade which allowed time to hit him by tossing the two gas canisters on the right, one after the other and he went down like a rock. The point is there should have been a more defensive route that eschewed direct combat.

Despite the obvious flaws I am enjoying the game. It just isn't, for me, a 9+ that the game has been earning in from so many reviews.

grailly3105d ago

for me stealth is all about the "mechanical" AI. IF the AI wandered around at random stealth would mostly be frustrating. Imagine sneaking behind a guard in a strait corridor and out of nowhere he just turns around...

I also say this because I love puzzle games, and predictable AI makes the game to be a bit more puzzle-y.

"If you walk up to them to talk, they spout random info about augmentation or such. Is that really what people would say in starting a conversation with a stranger? Would they rattle off about the latest news item? Is that the future of humanity? "

even though I agree, NPC would just be boring if they acted like strangers all the time. Heck, elder scrolls games would disappear if strangers told you to F off every time.

joab7773105d ago

The developers linked difficulty to enemy health etc not to alarm sensitivity so if u r doing foxiest or stealth on hard it isn't much harder except bosses etc. Also, it can b done in 1 playthrough, the trophies. The only downside r the numerous glitches that affect both gameplay and trophie...but otherwise...AMAZING!!!!

grailly3105d ago

the collision bugs when you drag a corpse are so annoying, I get so mad when I'm trying to drag a guard and he gets stuck to the ground while his buddies are still scouting around

franko3105d ago

I'm playing it mostly stealth, but when shit hits the fan, i'm taking the gun out. Great game, reminds me of the first one. Only bad thing is main character voice. What a bad choice.