GameStop and the Retail War of 2012

Gamestop’s decision to pull free OnLive codes from copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is more than simply an unfortunate business decision. It’s the first real shot in a war between publishers and retail that’s been a long time brewing. Whether or not it has the right, contractually or otherwise, isn’t really important in the grand scheme of things. What matters is that it did it, giving up one of the year’s biggest PC games to make its point – and that’s the kind of decision that ripples and echoes in the wider industry. By this time next year, stories like this won’t even be a surprise.

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Ramses33095d ago

I always disagreed with how Gamestop rewarded players who bought used games vs new. I think its disgusting how they decided to include a buy 2 get one free used game coupon over the deus ex cofuffle, instead of supporting developers with new copies.

Fade_Walker3095d ago

I worked at Gamestop for over 3 years. In all that time it never changes. I always told my self "it will get better"...needless to say that was not the case. Always being pushed to sell pre-owned, push reserves like no tomorrow, pushing GI subscriptions and if you are bellow a third key good luck trying to get any hours (4-8 hours and 20 during the Christmas season just doesn't cut it). Not to mention that news from my former co-workers indicates that if people don't do the surveys on the bottom of the receipt there is a chance that particular employee can loose hours, get demoted or even fired.

The whole Deus Ex situation is just another thing to add to the list of shady Gamestop practices.

Crazyglues3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

-Sorry about this long Rant but I hate GameStop-

What's funny to me is how GameStop stays in business, I remember when PS3 and 360 launched and GameStop was pushing 360 so hard they were making up lies about PS3..

That just pissed me off, that a company could flat out lie to you and do it over and over again and still be in business... this says one thing... consumers are really stupid, or the love for video games has blinded them..

The last time I ever walked into a Gamestop was when I brought a game there to trade in and got something else and the guy looked at me and told me they would give me 10 bucks for it, a game I just bought a few days ago... LoL

(The thing that really pissed me off was I could see the writing on the wall, they would do this over and over a million times, robbing consumers and reselling their used game for a crazy profit) I left and got 38.50 bucks for that game on eBay + shipping. That means GameStop was going to make 30 to 40 bucks on a game they didn't even make or help create, or promote..

They basically decided to rob the consumers, sellers and buyers (sellers because you get 10 bucks for your new game, buyers because you buy a used game for a crazy premium, 4 dollars cheaper then new.. -LoL) and rob the developers of the GAME - by making the game they made compete with their own game used...

That's how you kill the industry -That's not power to the Gamer, that's power to those who know how to fool the Gamers...

As far as ethics, let's just say I'm sure Bernard Madoff would have loved GameStop's business Plan...

Everything I hear about GameStop is always Bad but yet people still support them and buy there games from there... it's unreal.. how a company could be so good at shady stuff and still be in business..

Power to the CEO's of GameStop because you guys have Pimped Slapped the industry and consumers and made more money off or robbing then any game company I can think of... Capitalism at it's best.. -Greed is Good-
or at least GameStop thinks so..