R.I.P. Gaming "Community"

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "The whole idea behind this little opinion piece came as I was turning off my Xbox 360 after a session on Call of Duty: Black Ops I'd played around seven or eight rounds, and during each and every one I noted either absolute silence or hails of idiots screaming abuse at each other. And then the realisation finally sank in; the gaming "community" was dead"

So, what do you think? Is the gaming community today a pale imitation, do you think it's better or do you agree or disagree with the cause?

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SilleGamer3097d ago

The gaming community hasn't died, it's just become over-inflated with soccer moms, pre-pubescent high pitched teens and fad-obsessed kids.

A good thing in one sense as publishers can release titles to a wider market.

It's just worrying that one day publishers may allocate more resources to titles such as Angry Birds 3 instead of a next-gen Mass Effect or something along those lines.

Great article though!

Very thought-provoking. :)

tiffac0083097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

A very unapologetic article about the state of the gaming community and he didn't even touch the fanboy topic to explain how fractured the gaming community has become.

The community ain't dead but the spirit of the gaming brotherhood is probably being taken for granted by the gamers of this generation (hence the fracture), That's why I think they don't understand where the guys who grew up with the industry are coming from.

As an old gamer I have to say I do miss the times when you go to a small gaming shop and meet a fellow gamer and you automatically become like brothers by just the games that you play and not the platform that you play on.

Bravo to this article!

edited: to correct some spellings ^^;

WolfLeBlack3097d ago

I'm glad you enjoyed my little opinion piece, mate. I did consider going into the fanboy aspect of things, but due to the fact its been around since the beggining anyway I didn't think it was worth getting into it. perhaps that was a mistake :)

tiffac0083097d ago

Leaving the fanboy debate out of the article actually made the article even better. Fanboyism and its evolution has already been pointed out again and again and you will get more flack if you pointed that out because fanboys can't take the truth and will disagree with you to the end.

But pointing out how the gaming community was before to what it is now was very very good. I doubt a lot of people will understand the feeling.


The article is not talking about the health of the community my friend its been bloated since gaming became mainstream. The article is talking about the spirit and in some cases the intelligence of some of the people in the community that's why it feels dead especially to the gamers who grew up with the industry.

Mutley4163097d ago

The gaming community is alive and well...and it`s getting bigger every always slows down in the summer :)