Characters who need to be revived: Kain

Play-Mag: Older gaming series are being revisited with increasing regularity these days, with the depths of nostalgia being trawled for anything that can be revamped and sold on to a new generation. Frankly, we’re not against this – we like seeing some old games come back for a fresh new run, and it’s good to see old characters having another chance for glory. But it’s not perfect: there are characters who really should have a new game of their exploits made, though it looks like they’ve just been forgotten. One of this bunch of gaming’s lost is the vampire bastard, Kain.

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darkvenom3103d ago

Yes!,please bring this back.

BakedGoods3103d ago

After seeing what Eidos Montreal did with the Crystal Dynamics engine in DX:HR, a new Kain game would be amazing!


Kaine is a d!ck and I hate him for killing Razeil

Jelly jelly Kain - just because you dont have amazing wings like Raziel that does not mean you have to kill a brother.

As the game begins, Raziel approaches Kain's throne and extends newly grown wings. In an act of seeming jealousy, Kain tears the bones from Raziel's wings and has him thrown into the Lake of the Dead, a large natural whirlpool.[9] However, Raziel is resurrected as a wraith by The Elder God to become his "soul reaver" and kill Kain, thus restoring Nosgoth

HellzAssassin3103d ago

Yeah, that kinda pissed me off too...

Raziel > Kain IMO. But, all the LoK games are badass as hell! I never played Defiance though.

Getowned3103d ago

Kain is great in his own way the original games were you played as him were great the story telling was amazingly for it's time i really can't say if raziel is better and i like them both but i would love a new Kain game..weren't they making one and they cancelled it? i remember reading about it like 2 months ago.

Emmettcelticfan3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I prefer kain to raziel, kain wasn't "jealous" of raziel's wings, he sensed the opportunity to change his fate, and alter history.He knew that raziel would return as a wraith, kain seeked the 3rd side of the coin (restoring nosgoth, but keeping his own life).

So he saved raziel from being consumed by the soul reaver in order to create a time paradox. (soul reaver 2)

The whole story is complicated, and to this day I still don't fully understand it. But I prefer kain because of his ambition, and determination to change is fate

e-p-ayeaH3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Raziel wings were imperfect that´s why Kain ripped them off not because he was jelous.

Pozzle3102d ago

Emmettcelticfan is right. Kain wasn't jealous of Raziel's wings? They made that VERY clear in the later games that he did it in an attempt to change his (and Nosgoth's) fate. Yeah, it was a dick move. But one could argue Kain did it for the greater good.

And killing Kain would not restore Nosgoth. Both Raziel and Kain found that out in later games. Nosgoth and the pillars were falling to pieces because Kain was alive (heads), but if Kain was killed then the pillars would be handed over to a human guardian (since vampires were no longer being born) which would also destroy Nosgoth (tails).
That's why Kain was looking for an "edge of the coin". There was a slight possibility that he could save Nosgoth and himself, and wraith Raziel was the only one who could accomplish that. If Raziel had just killed Kain, they would have been stuck in an endless time loop.

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LoaMcLoa3103d ago

Doesn't he remind you of the villian in The Hunchback in Notre Dame?

Swiggins3103d ago


Hmmmmm....Yeeeeaaaaahhhh, I can kinda see it.

If he sings Hellfire, that'd be sweet! =D

Baka-akaB3103d ago

Here's to hoping it's on Crystal dynamics ' "to do" list after the tomb raider reboot .

TheBrightIdea3103d ago

Me and my bro just talked about this recently....first a Lon remake would be in order.

Drewminati3103d ago

Would be nice for a new legacy of kain game with some type of coop

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