GameStop "Regret" Deus Ex Debacle

GameStop have said that they "Regret" what they put customers through regarding the recent removal of OnLive Coupons from PC versions of Deux Ex: Human Revolution. To make up for this they are offering compensation of sorts.

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iamnsuperman3106d ago

The big question is are they going to put the codes back in. Compensation is one thing but they need to know they can't do this.

joab7773106d ago

I honestly don't get it. If it goes to court, Gamestop would not lose. They do not have to sell a product w a competitors bonus inside, especially b done so without their knowledge. Like I've said, imagine if u owned a store and u sold a package and it had a gift certificate for ur rival inside and u didn't know about it.

Yes, I know ppl hate Gamestop & many times for good reason. And yes, its easy to get pisses at them because they are the ones dealing w the customer ruining gamers lives per se, but w 20 articles lambasting Gamestop, where r the articles about how shady square enix and onlive were front to slip this one in. Had they notified Gamestop ahead of time, this would bag been headed off.

Tanir3106d ago

so its cool to you when you buy a new game that its opened? riiiiight.

newn4gguy3106d ago

Why wouldn't it be? The plastic is off, but it's still a new game. I don't understand why you all have such a problem with that. I dislike GameStop just as much as anyone else. I worked there for three and a half years. I HATED that place. I just think you people are ridiculous. If anything, they saved you another step between you and the game! Don't be "that guy".

despair3106d ago


I don't like people touching my game, I don't know what they did when they open it , they probably had to open hundreds, who knows how they mishandled my game. If they told people before buying what they did then I'd be ok with it, but I want my game new and untouched by some Gamestop employee, that's what the plastic is for.

It might be a small thing to most people, but if I get a new game then it should be as it was when it left the factory, don't tell me its ok, legally they may be safe but ethically I don't like it.

Omar913106d ago

@Tanir: that's why you check before you purchase...

Baka-akaB3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )


You're the one being ridiculous here . If role were reversed and you were selling a game , they'll act accordingly weither the game is opened or not . WHy shouldnt customers do the same ?

It's a used game period . I shouldnt have to wonder if some fatso dipped his fingers into some nugget sauce before opening my game , hence i wont .

"how shady square enix and onlive were front to slip this one in. Had they notified Gamestop ahead of time, this would bag been headed off. "

For starters they have no business even looking inside the boxes and deciding what to sell from it .

If they have an issue , they could just have blocked the sales of deus ex games instead of tampering with it , while discussing it with square enix .

joab7773105d ago

Every conversation goes right back to this. No, I don't like that they open games. They can purchase copies for their emplyees to play. Its not a huge deal to me but it also isn't the issue here. They were Blindsided! They had a code to their competitor in a product theyvwere selling. Normally they could nav sent them back and got new ones without the codes. Here's the problem they also had a responsibility to deliver games that were laid for w pre order bonus codes. And don't tell me gamers would b patient while they waited a week for a sealed copy without an onlive code in it. Give me a break. They were basically screwed over by square enix but no one talks about that. We just want our games now and we don't care about any of that business crap and since Gamestop is the company that handed me my game, it must b there fault. No, Gaming is a huge business w shareholders to answer to & no court would rule that they had to sell copies w onlive codes in them.

despair3105d ago


Blindsided by Square Enix???
I think you're giving Gamestop too much importance, they aren't the only retailer in the world(or US in this case) and I doubt SE took the time to consider every single retailer and whether onlive was for a rival company.

SE actually gave customers a nice bonus with the onlive game and Gamestop then decided unilaterally that they don't have the right and kept it from the customers. That's tampering with a product and I don't like it.

You open a game, remove some of the content and then smile and sell me it for full price without even telling me what you did, then you only say something and apologize AFTER you were caught. How exactly can you defend that??

Why should anyone trust Gamestop after this and should we wonder if they have done this in the past and not been caught or if they will do it again? To say SE was at fault for giving gamers more is ridiculous.

Like what was said above. When Gamestop found out about the Onlive code in the copies, the first thing they do is take it out and lie to customers???(withholding the opening and removal is equivalent to lying). How the hell can you defend that?

Gohadouken3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

??? where the hell is anyone claiming that gamers "would be patient" ? .

For starters the behind the scenes arent their problem , if there are issues it's up to gamestop and to deal with it internally .

It's not my problem that you can't have a competitor advertised within a game . Tough sh*t you deal with it between you and square or anyone else , dont touch my game or dotn sell it .

Gamespot is a party that does nothing of interest here gamewise , it merely hands you goods you fully paid for new or used . Its a bloated delivery service , and if they can't do it without handming themselves professionally , then tought sh*t i'm gone .

There is no argument justifying their attitude nor way to land it on square or whomever .

Let's sto being hypocrite and pretend the behind the scenes matter ... the're not our pals , they are paid , and can't even do the job in this instance without screwing their customers . It's 100% their fault for badly handling the situation , and worse making more advertizing than needed to the mediocre onlive service

joab7773105d ago

I don't have to gov them importance; they simply are a major player in the industry. U r right that I don't think square enix did it on purpose but it was done and they are responsible of the outcome

DeadlyFire3105d ago

Technically taking codes out of box = stealing.

Simply refusing to sell the PC edition would of been less troublesome. Its not like every gamestop has a PC section anyway. My local one does not.

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thesummerofgeorge3106d ago

Yeah, the only thing they regret is getting caught. Gamestop has more than earned their shit reputation.

BubbleSniper3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )


i am tired of the word DEBACLE

those who use it will self destruct

DeeZee3106d ago

It's too late, the damage has been done.

awi59513106d ago

They only care about money being lost gamestop doesnt give a crap about gamers.

Tanir3106d ago

if u preorder a game they will do a preorder only shipment

fluffydelusions3106d ago

I didn't even know you could buy PC games there apart from WoW. That is the only game I see at the gamestops here in NYC.

Kaizin5143106d ago

Well, to be fair, they are giving customers a $50 gift card for anything in Gamestop, so you could use that to buy a whole "new" game. Although I feel Gamestop was morally wrong in the matter, I think having a $50 gift card is better than a code for OnLive. OnLive is dependent entirely on your internet connection, so, in a sense, if you have a bad internet connection, it is useless to even redeem it. I guess you could give the code to a friend, but having tried OnLive myself, I wouldn't want the code, I would rather have the $50 to buy any game of my choosing.

SSIDEUP3106d ago

It's the fact that they'd willingly remove the contents from a game YOU pre-ordered and then selling it to you. I don't care if it's extra DLC or OnLive - it was still intended to come with the game and they removed it. That's not right, regardless of how they "make it up yo you".

Kaizin5143104d ago

Oh yea, I don't disagree that what they did was wrong. They shouldn't have done it. But in retrospect, maybe they should have included the $50 on day one, even if they still took the code out. I don't think many people would be complaining then, lol.

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