Thrifty Nerd: PAX Prime 2011 - Dead Island Preview

Dead Island is a game which continues to surprise. First with an amazing trailer which caused a great amount of buzz, and then by giving us a game that takes a type of game that we thought we knew inside and out, and expanded it to include elements from other popular genres. The combat and gameplay in Dead Island are certainly fun, and will most likely appeal to a broad audience. The drop in/drop out nature of the multiplayer will make sure that people are spending their time playing the game and not in an multiplayer lobby. The one piece still missing from this picture is the story. If Techland can manage half of the storytelling they managed to do in the trailer, Dead Island will absolutely be one of the must plays of 2011.

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Huffman3099d ago

I've been keeping an eye on Dead Island for a while now. Glad to hear it actually makes good on some of its claims! The world is ready for a 1st person Dead Rising. At least, I am.

Goozex3099d ago

looks great and cant wait for first review.

JsonHenry3099d ago

I hope this game is good. I'm really counting on this and its co-op to deliver. I need something to play with people other than RTS or shooters.