GamesRadar - The 25 best Super NES games

The games on this list have to be fun even now, with no obvious modern replacement. For example, Super Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat II were important games, but would you settle for the SNES version with so many arcade-perfect options available? Same goes for Super Mario RPG and Star Fox, which have been supplanted by newer entries. So, without further yapping…

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3GenGames3101d ago

Okay list, wonky order I think with the RPG's, but it's aight.

DarkCharizard_3101d ago

The top 5 = 100% accurate ;)

WombBat3101d ago

i dont think metroid should be even top 5 but thats only because of the other great games.

5.megaman x
4.super mario world fantasy vi
2.zelda a link to the past
1.chrono trigger

3GenGames3101d ago

And I think star fox should have done better than the generic mode 7 racer like F-Zero, star fox was some amazing tech and an okay game.

And earthbound should be in the top 5, the only reason the game is even worth anything is because it's one of the best the SNES has.

Darth_Bane793101d ago

What the hell is this list? Where is Cybernator?

XeoZin3101d ago

No street fighter 2 and zelda: a link to the past ? Those 2 should be in top 10 minimum

Lich1203101d ago

a link to the past was #3

monkey nuts3101d ago

I still have and use my snes from time to time. Got 20 or so games that crap on most new games as far as gameplay is concerned. Nothing like having a blast on yoshi's island, super mario, starfox, parodius, doom, zelda, and flashback (my favourite) or some racing with mario kart or F zero. Though to get the games to run I've got to wedge some folded paper behind the cartridge XD. Don't make em like that anymore.

Dac2u3101d ago

Flashback is an awesome game. I like to play it every year or two, when I've forgotten enough about it. I love that side-scroller style, Prince of Persia, Black Thorne, Another World and Flashback are still some of my favorites of all time.

Peaceful_Jelly3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Super Metroid is one of my most favorite game ever! You can still play this game today and feel like you're not missing anything because it was so well made and it has aged even better. The atmosphere is still there and the bosses and music... Super Metroid is one of those games that you could say are very close to perfection.

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The story is too old to be commented.