Voice Actor Spotlight: Melissa Fahn

TGT: Girls that look like Melissa Fahn never gave me the time of day in high school. They discovered I watched anime, played video games and practiced my own amateurish voice acting in my spare time and immediately turned their noses up at me. Nerd. Geek. Dweeb. Freak.

So to come across such a stone cold stunner sharing my exact interests and providing the voices behind some of my favorite anime and video game characters, I’m a little taken aback. Beautiful, funny, smart, nerdy. It’s a geekified grandslam. But sorry, Melissa. I’m married, you’re married. We’d be doomed to failure. It would never work out between us.

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The Capcom Series Most in Need of Revival

Capcom recently revealed interest in reviving their dormant IPs, so it's time to look at which Capcom series would make sense to return.

Knightofelemia479d ago

Breath of Fire, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, a proper Bionic Commando game, Ghosts and Goblins. I am all down for Dino Crisis loved 1 and 2 one thing I like about Capcom is their massive library of games that need to be brought back to life. Next to Konami, Namco, Sega, old Squaresoft, Capcom was and is another one of my favorite developers. I would like it if Disney would just let Capcom make a Marvel game or two or Disney should let Capcom handle some Disney games. Capcom pulled of some great games with both Disney characters and Marvel characters.

479d ago
Chevalier478d ago

All those plus Rival Schools, Powerstone, Darkstalkers, Dungeons and Dragons and Aliens vs Predator.

Terry_B479d ago

Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, Captain Commando, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire.

CrimsonWing69479d ago

I feel like Darkstalkers will get SJWd, but I still want it

RyanShutup479d ago

The Japanese seem to be immune to that bullshit... so far at least anyway.

shinoff2183478d ago

Breath of fire would be number one choice.

Glad to see it getting some love in the comments. I loved these games 1 through 4.
Not dragon quarter

Godmars290478d ago

Dark Stalkers, any fighting game - or side scroller - really, just not with SF's current art direction.


Capcom Fighting Collection Is an Essential Release, and Here's Why

There's more to this package than just a Darkstalkers party. Though that's reason to celebrate enough.

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ApocalypseShadow577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

It's because they are all good fighting games separately. Does look like a great package of games and features if you don't have these games already or have emulated them.

Speaking of collections, can I get the arcade Bionic Commando, the NES version, a remake of the Gameboy version, Elite Forces and Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 and 2 thanks. The 3D one only if Capcom rebuilds it themselves to look and be more like rearmed.

So many collections can be made.Which could lead to more collections like other fighting and game collections. Like Power Stone, Mega Man collection or even a Mega Man Legends remake to Ratchet and Clank level. Call it Mega Man World and use the name for a game.

Getting ahead of myself.

RetroCaptainSteve577d ago

Nah, some good suggestions. There's always room for more!

ApocalypseShadow576d ago

There's so many arcade games that never got a home release or were downgraded for home release. I'd take those original games and games that never released in the West as collections.

Maybe lead other companies to drop some collections on the market. Sega, Konami and Namco should be next. So many classic games out there.

FallenAngel1984577d ago

You know what else would be essential?

A collection that featured

- X-Men: Children of the Atom
- Marvel Super Heroes
- X-Men vs. Street Fighter
- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
- Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
- Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

That’d more than rejuvenate interest in their second most successful fighting game series

darthv72577d ago

All of those are near and dear to me. wolverine and his weapon X special move is still my favorite.

CosmicTurtle577d ago

Also that SNES side scroller X-Men: mutant apocalypse. The forgotten marvel Capcom game with an amazing soundtrack.

RetroCaptainSteve577d ago

Funny, that's in the Arcade1up I got with X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

RetroCaptainSteve577d ago

Not to mention Rival Schools, Power Stone, Star Gladiator, and the Street Fighter EX games. Full 3D, please.

Chevalier576d ago

Same. It's so F'n expensive for that Capcom fighting stick. Capcom should Remaster the DnD games and see if they can make a 3rd one to capitalize on the popularity of DnD right now.

Chevalier576d ago

I would love an arcade collection with Alien Vs. Predator, both DnD games, Captain Commando etc

RetroCaptainSteve576d ago

I can't believe Alien vs. Predator is limited to that lame Capcom fighting stick.

jaymacx576d ago

We know Capcom would do this but Disney needs to make this happen.

autobotdan576d ago

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure games

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sourOG577d ago

I’m hyped. I’m buying because I want another darkstalkers. There are also a few others I’ve never tried. Red something or another?

darthv72577d ago

I'd be stoked if Lord Raptor could rise again for a new DS game. Red Earth is the other one you are thinking of and don't forget Cyberbots. That is where Jin (as found in MvC and MvC2) originally came from.

sourOG577d ago

Red earth that’s right. Never tried cyber it’s either but I do indeed know Jin.

autobotdan577d ago

Hyper Street Fighter 2 is the greatest Street Fighter of all time possibly the greatest fighting game of all time. If you argue against this you will meet your quick end by Akuma