Are Kinect Exclusives Worth all the hype?

With the Kinect being released over almost ten months ago, are the games coming to them worth all the hype the Kinect received before it was released?

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TomInc3105d ago

In comparison to a lot of the games that are available on move as well, I think kinect exclusives can be a bit lacking. Especially when you consider MS should know their own device best..

LOGICWINS3105d ago

I don't see Move/Kinect exclusives ever matching the depth of PS3/360 exclusives.

TomInc3105d ago

Totally agree. In my mind they'll always be more of a forethought.

KingSlayer3105d ago

I think with Move, it's more difficult to say it will never match the depth of PS3/360 exclusives. Heavy Rain, KZ3, Socom 4...all exclusives, all playable with Move.

dedicatedtogamers3105d ago

Let's just ask the 360 fans:

Would you rather have Fable Journey (which is on-rails) or Fable 4?

Would you rather have that on-rails Crytek fighting game or an ACTUAL Crytek exclusive shooter?

Would you rather have a REAL game from Double-Fine, or Sesame Street?

from the beach3105d ago

I would rather have Journey, which isn't on rails, lol, than Fable 4 next year.

I would rather have the ACTUAL Crytek exclusive game Ryse than another shooter.

And Trenched, a REAL game from Double Fine, came out on XBLA this year.

So yeah.. I think we're good.

mendicant3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )


First and foremeost, Fable Journey is NOT on rails. This has been discussed at length. And besides, what's wrong with being "on rails" if the game is done right and fun? I think Fable Journey looks cool so I'd take both.

Secondly, I'd rather have the "on rails" Ryse than another fps. We have plenty of those so I'll take something different.

Lastly, please define "real game." So you're telling me that Sesame Street isn't a "real game" because it doesn't have guns or blades or fighting and it isn't geared towards you? Is it a fake game, or all in our imaginations?

I think there are some really good looking games coming out for Kinect that I'm eager to play and I will purchase them. I am still looking for a reason to buy Move though.

Besides all that, this article doesn't make any sense. What Kinect game do you know that is getting hyped? All I see are trolls talking crap like they always do on Kinect. The device itself got hyped when it was relesed but the games, no hype there.

Fail comment, fail article.

Raven_Nomad3105d ago

Well I think it will take some money and a AAA title. I think Ryse or Microsoft's new Zipline Studio's to show us what Kinect can really do.

As for the Fable question, were getting Journey for Kinect, which isn't on Rails. Were also getting Fable 4 the following year. I for one am glad they are taking an extra year to produce a true Fable sequel.

I own quite a few Kinect titles, but I'm really looking forward to Rise Of Nightmares, which is a full horror game that is not on rails.

I'd also like to see something like Halo Wars or an RTS on Kinect, as I think the controls would work perfectly.

Child Of Eden was amazing, short but amazing. Now I'm looking more towards Gunstringer and Rise Of Nightmares.

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Tanir3105d ago

dumb articles, everyone knows any type of motion gaming is fail

tiffac0083105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Any Kinect game that lets you elbow your siblings and make it look like an accident because of the game play is worth all the hype. Believe me when you have a brother that age is in single digits you'd know how I feel. lol!

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Hype?.....What hype is the author talking about.

Edit: Hype is defined in the Oxford dictionary as 'extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion'.

I think the author is confusing the Kinect launch with Kinect games. The only time I see a Kinect article is when a game is about to be releasde and websites do previews and reviews. I have never seen Kinect article with headlines like:

Is Kinect Star War a GOTY contender
Dance Central to topple COD
Kinectimal the mist anticipated game of the year
Kinect Sports 2 to do Halo numbers

Your article is a fail just like your website.

yourgodisdead3105d ago

Exactly what I was thinking haha +bubs

DiRtY3105d ago

You don't see articles like Dance Central outsold Killzone 3 or Kinect Sports is on its way to outsell LBP2, inFamous2 and Killzone 3 combined, even though these articles would be true.

Instead people are just "forgetting" sequels to such successful games when they talk about Xbox 360s holiday lineup.

So the hype on the internet is no indication for success.

Zechs343105d ago

So like usual, because some games sell, they are phenomenal games?

Why bring up Kinect exclusives in your comment to compare them to PS3 exclusives? Kinect sports is not a better game than Infamous 2. You could've said Kinect Sports and Dance Central out sold Infamous 2 and Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 combined to not seem like a troll.

It seriously doesn't take much to stop and think for 2 seconds before nonsense is blurted out.

kikizoo3105d ago

ZEchs is right, and has spotted the fanboy playing sells, when the others are playing the best games, like lbp2 and others...

kingdoms3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Agreed most all Kinect games released without anybody ever knowing they were coming. Even the ones we know about barely get talked about or shown. Expect a lot of these half baked articles trying to poison the public mind after that PS3 price cut(trying to undo the 360's recent popularity it has gained over the last year or so)

Zechs343105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

You are beyond pathetic, troll. You are always the first to point out your disdain for Sony and its games.

Get a life. Better yet, go play a game.

A price cut, to the media, is more important and news worthy than a sequel to a Kinect or Move game.

You are the only one predicting that the media is going to try and poison us with price drop articles to not acknowledge the roll MS has with the 360 in the US? Seriously? Wow.

Edit: This guy cant come back with a good rebuttal, so he sends me a PM with nothing to say LOL. Poor kid.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3105d ago

Did Microsoft pay you to defend them at every turn? What the hell does Sony have to do with this?

DigitalRaptor3104d ago

Zechs34, tell us what he said in the PM.

It will go down well with my fish & chips! xD

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Hicken3105d ago

If you're asking if they're worth all the Kinect hype? No.

Few of the games themselves have any sort of hype accompanying them, something which the actual peripheral is not lacking.

SonyStyled3105d ago

some things i just think you need a controller for. i think the majority of hardcore gamers wont be happy flailing their hands all the time. sure theres a lot of games that are fun just using ur hands and feet, that plug the leak game for example. but some games, expecially when you get into hardcore gamin' you need some kind of input to walk forward, look left, look right and then aim without having it look like your trying to grab an invisible womans tits. is it worth all the hipe? yes and no. in the catagory of games that require your character not to walk or run (the kinect adventures game) it does quite well. but once you get into games that you need to walk or run etc. it fails

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