Video game is not a bad word.

A bad word?

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WolfLeBlack3104d ago

Highly enjoyable read that raised some great points :D

PsycheMax3103d ago

Can someone please just write something decent under the title?

Hicken3103d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. At least give me some sort of hint as to what it is I'm about to click on.

MagicAccent3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Finally something worth reading..

Very good article. Hopefully, in 10 years time, our medium, and people who chastise it both will have matured. And it will be a socially accepted activity, and where developers are held in as high regard as say a moviemaker.

But by then, the market will have changed considerably, and "hardcore gaming" as we know it will probably not exist.

Cpt_kitten3103d ago

good read but ive never had anyone look at me twice for playing video games, ive always gotten into nice discussions about them even with non-gamers, my girlfriend for one wasn't much of one but then i explained a different angle and now she totally see why people like to game

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