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Huge queues awaited anyone going near Bethesda's booth at Gamescom 2011 as they were showing off the one and only Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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TomInc2634d ago

This is going to take up so much of my time! Can't wait..

Bigpappy2633d ago

I hope I don't get fired or I and going to have to sue Bethesda.

I was addicted to Morrowind. I stoled and fought my way to godhood. It was a wonderful journey and the first time I played a game where I could throughly do any thing or go anywhere (see a mountain climb it, see water dive in and see if there before you run out of breath).

As good as Fallout 3 was, It was no where as immersive and complex as Morrowind. I hope this game can give me that level of adventure and complexity, where I don't have to rely on main story to to lead me to the fun.

JsonHenry2633d ago

Yeah, I still think Morrowind was the last "big" jump for the franchise. I DID enjoy Oblivion, don't get me wrong. But I was not as blown away by it as I was Morrowind or Daggerfall before that.

Jormungandr2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I totally agree that Oblivion wasn't a big leap forward from Morrowind... but I always felt Morrowind seriously lacked polish... and oblivion had that.

But hey... to each his own.

I'm expecting Skyrim to make me forget to sleep... just like Daggerfall used to. Never did beat Daggerfall... time kept running out while I was running around doing random stuff and stealing the Yearly GDP of every country in the game twice a week (yes I know that's impossible but this was back before games had functioning economies).

Cpt_kitten2633d ago

misleading title, the only mention of Fallout 3 was the 3rd person kill

not to mention i wouldn't consider fallout very detailed with everything being brown or grey the whole game. good thing they didn't try to put vats in skyrim that was the worst idea ever just like the pull you out of the game by stopping the game and forcing you to level up system.....made it so impossible to sneak around and get things done, not to mention broke my immersion every time

elder scrolls will never be a disappointment