1UP Gives 7.5/10 to Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

1UP writes:
"While it's easy to point to Kane & Lynch as a natural evolution of the Hitman series -- same developer, M-rated story, third-person action -- it actually has more similarities to a big-budget action film (which is a bit strange since the moderate-budget Hitman movie is about to hit theaters, but stick with us). From the big set pieces to the fast pacing and intense cut-scenes, Kane & Lynch is all about the chance to be along for a ride, with a few technical flaws making it a bumpy one."

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lebaneseprince14355d ago

1up is a pretty crappy reviewer

socomnick4355d ago

On what grounds ? on the fact that they give game just reviews or that they dont like a game that you do.

lebaneseprince14355d ago

on the ground that assassins creed worst then this

slak4355d ago

I agree crappy reviewer

BloodySinner4355d ago

This scored higher than Assassin's Creed.

d4w7514355d ago

I find it very interesting also that Assassins Creed is minimally better than this game. Even with all the flaws of AC the technical achievements of that game (free running, foward thinking controls etc.) Should have created a greater gap score-wise. From what I have seen of other reviews of KnL it has many issues including graphics and controls. Its like these scores are forcing developers to stick to the tried and true formula of FPS, and not to challenge the status quote. Kind of sad really.