In Defense of Video Game Movies

Gaming Symmetry: While video game movies get an awful lot wrong, you’d be surprised with just how creatively they can present the things they get right, and ultimately what they get wrong isn’t a problem limited to video games alone.

So it was with this thought that I wanted to write a few words down in response; taking a look at some of the difficulties experienced in moving a video game to the silver screen, some ways video game adaptations have chosen to work around those difficulties, and where I think a few mild successes were achieved. I should say that I’ll be going over a few details from some of the movies previously discussed, so a general spoiler warning should be in effect.

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StayStatic3517d ago

I thought the first MK was great , the second one not so much, hope they make a 3rd one :)

cr33ping_death3517d ago

i love the first movie, it looks a little goofy now but i still enjoy it. oh and Silent Hill i think was another good one.

vglulz3516d ago

I can't remember the last time I played a good videogame movie.