Nintendo Loves Your Mom

Nintendo wants your Mom. Having fallen out of love with you, the house that Mario built has set its sights squarely on her. She's not alone as the object of their affection, though, joined by countless other mothers, seniors, and gaming skeptics. Gamers have been dumped, left to watch as Nintendo courts a bastion of mainstream consumers with casual titles and simplified franchises.

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TruthbeTold4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

What a hateful, biased, sour grapes article. As if the only people or even the majority of people who own Wii's are 40 something mothers and the elderly... And the author wonders why Nintendo isn't as open to the media, which this story in part represents?

Too many gamers have crappy "The world owes me" attitudes. Ever stop to think that some of the reasons a game like Metroid Prime 3 didn't quite sell as good as the first one could be that many gamers who liked that series jumped ship to Playstation and XBOX while Nintendo WAS still trying to be completely loyal to them? Or that sequels, let alone third installments rarely sell as good as the first? This article represents some of the problems with gaming these days. Tiny boxed vision, arrogant presumption, and selfish, "Me! Me!" attitudes. I'm not an old mother or grandpa, I play a wide variety of games, and when I go to various friends houses to do the party game thing, there isn't an old person anywhere near the system. Wow, we must be anomaly's... :P

Syko4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Mario better keep his fat little plumber digits out of my mom. Mamma Mia!!

By the way, I agree with you TruthbeTold and didn't have anything else to add but a joke....A bad one at that too. =(

The Chief of Mjolnir4929d ago

Nintendo loves my mom?
Trust me, they won´t after knowing her.
If they want to sell more consoles, go for the kids. Nothing is more annoying than hearing a 7 year old whining about how much he wants a Nintendo. You´ll do almost anything to make him stop.

I got 3 brothers, so I know.