Hot Girls Of Pax Prime 2011

Pictures of Hot Girls at Pax Prime 2011

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Serjikal_Strike3475d ago

I wouldn't call those hot...
just meh

Serjikal_Strike3475d ago

If a title says "HOT" I expect HOT!!!

DarkBlood3475d ago

yeah well whats not hot to you is hot to some others

perception sir perception.

ATi_Elite3475d ago

I outta sue for FALSE advertisement!!

Those girls were not HOT! Not even luke warm!

CrzyFooL3475d ago

not hot at all. not even cute, and only like 5 pics. i am disappoint.

kcuthbertson3475d ago

I really really want to see your girlfriend...

MGRogue20173475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I'd go for the lollipop chainsaw chick..

ANY straight man would f*ck her in a heart beat, no questions asked... especially in that outfit. :P

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