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From the time Square Enix unveiled the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII which had mixed reception there has been some doubtful enthusiasm among the hardcore Final Fantasy fans towards FFXIII-2.
Check out the Analysis of PAX Prime 2011 footage.

The game is due to be released in Japan in December 2011, January 2012 in North America and sometime in early 2012 in Europe.

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geniusgamerdoc2634d ago

The Cinematic Action,Mog Clock system,refined Battle system and NPC interactions with Multiple endings seems Promisisng.
Hope FFXIII-2 will definitely better than its predecessor.

Actually imo FFXIII should have had these features in the first place instead of unnecessarily Milking the franchise to dryness.

I think Type-0 is where all my Hype lies at the moment..

ps4me2634d ago

I dislike the ability to capture and use creatures ala Pokemon.
Hope we get to see gameplay of more playable Characters.

Godmars2902634d ago

FFXIII-2 just shows how much of a mess XIII really was.

Square Enix, Sqaure JP, should only be ashamed of how they've performed this console gen. The only thing they've done right is buying Edios.

iamtehpwn2633d ago

The only disappointing thing I'm seeing so far is the lack of playable characters, and Lightning being at the forefront. I hope the Noel and Serah-ONLY only like..the first 5 hours of the game.

ps4me2634d ago

I absolutely more inclined towards FF-Type 0 than FFXIII-2.
Hope we get a solid western release for Type-0

shreeveera2634d ago

Im a huge fan of her.From the way she fights,her walking gait, to her Hairstyle and Indian type Saree she is pretty hot..

Who else here is a fan of Fang?
Hope we get to play as Fang in FFXIII 2 as well!!!

guitar_nerd_232633d ago

I honestly think they're just shoehorning bullet points for the box in and its going to be a mess, unfortunatly.

If they couldn't make a decent gameout of this world in three years or whatever, how are they suddenly going to turn those assists into a good game in just one? It makes no sense.

BitbyDeath2633d ago

I think they need to scratch all they have and start again with a new engine and possibly even just wait for a new console.

FFXIII was just that bad and i do not see this one being any better.

Pozzle2633d ago

NGL I kinda wish Square had just moved on from FFXIII and were starting with a brand new FF game. At the moment, I'm far more interested in exploring a new world with new characters, than retreading old ground with a new polish.

Instead of trying to 'fix' what went wrong with FFXIII, Square should take the fans' complaints into account and try to make a better brand new FF game.

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