Giant Bomb - Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Review

Giant Bomb: "It's certainly capable of playing a perfect-feeling game online. But it's probably important for you to know that Third Strike Online Edition is not going to magically turn a bad connection into a good one or anything like that.

As for the game itself, it's a more technical fighting game than most, with a parry system that puts a greater emphasis on timing. Third Strike also has plenty of things that carried right over into Street Fighter IV, like EX moves and using the two light attack buttons to throw. So if you played a lot of the SFIV series, plenty of those skills will carry over."

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CrimsonEngage4568d ago

Decent but i would have prefered if they released SF: Alpha 3.

Tito084566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Both this and Alpha 3 are the best in the series!!!!! I think they gonna gonna bring Alpha 3 online next, I think they will, and hopefully Capcom vs SNK 2!!!!!


The Street Fighter 6 select theme is a worthy contender to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’s

The Street Fighter 6 select theme makes a return to the hip-hop and rap genre, and it's a worthy follow-up to the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike select theme.

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gold_drake300d ago

meh, i prefer the techno style Tekken has had for many games now.

CrimsonWing69300d ago

If you’re into rap, sure I can see this being up there. I think SF4 had a better select theme, personally.

Kakashi Hatake300d ago

Loved 3rd Strikes theme, this isn't it though.

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Street Fighter III Online Edition Review

Garry from Bit Cultures writes: "Street Fighter III and its arcade updates have slowly gained traction as a competitive fighting game over the years as its shallow competitors fell by the wayside. This fighter is easy to jump into, deep with extensive new mechanics it brings to the genre, and is hard as hell to master. While still on the shortlist of the top competitive fighting games nearly 15 years after its release, Capcom tried to do it justice in 2011 with a comprehensive Online Edition to coincide with the opening of the high-speed internet gaming floodgates onto the PS3 and XBox 360. Now, here we are on the eve of the Street Fighter V release, re-evaluating Street Fighter III Online Edition‘s merits almost 20 years after its initial arcade run."

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