1UP: Is Marvel Universe Online Dead?

Marvel Universe Online's development has "hit serious development troubles," 1UP's Patrick Klepek reported on Tuesday, November 13.

1UP citing anonymous inside source says that the MMO - in development for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista by the Marvel, Microsoft and Cryptic Studios partnership - is either "dead" or in "serious trouble."

1UP reports Cryptic Studios' recent troubles as well as statements from Microsoft and Cryptic.


This title is the "big Microsoft first-party exclusive" that's been rumored to be cancelled.

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GodofPeace4926d ago

let it go to the PS3 where there is a standard HDD and free online. I'm a huge comic book fan and it will be so awesome to have Marvel Universe and DC Online.

Bladestar4926d ago

lol.. sure... did you ever heard about Planet Side? I payed for that Sony game for more than 1 year... $12.95... MMO are not free... will never be free.. unless there are lots of advertising... and microsoft transactions...

HarryEtTubMan4926d ago

Either way DC Comics Universe MMORPG will be coming to the PS3. Anyone for Superman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern ?

MK_Red4926d ago

Wow, this is it. This has to be the cancelled game. Marvel Universe MMO was a 360 exclusive as shown 1 or 2 years ago.

Myth4926d ago

i found out it's going to be the same guy who made city of hereos working on it.

donscrillinger4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Come on MS dont do it, let this game ride yo ,this was going to be an hit fasho .PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! stop tripping .we where all waiting for this game

Zhuk4926d ago

it is wise to let this game drop I think, it would be better if they did a deal with Bioware for their upcoming MMO

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The story is too old to be commented.