Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Awarded Best Xbox 360 Game at Leipzig Games Convention

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that its episodic sci-fi action shooter, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, has again received top honours when it was recently awarded Best Xbox 360 Game at this year's Leipzig Games Convention held on August 24-27. Voted upon by a panel of distinguished judges consisting of influential journalists from across Germany, Lost Planet surpassed the other nominations with the enormous interest generated by the debut of its multiplayer modes at the show.

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TheMART5865d ago

There you go. Best game of GC Leipzig, a new XBOX 360 exclusive.

Best game of E3 2006, another 360 exclusive Gears of War which got several awards. Most awarded overall E3 XBOX 360 on several games.

Yup people, the succestory continues. Best game of TGS? It would be really nice if Sony games would be defeated in the land of the rising sun. I am curious about it. And after it X06 new exclusives will be announced and I expect a playable demo from Assassins Creed running on a 360!

Gamer135865d ago

And its only useing 60-percent of the 360 power, i can,t wait to play this game next year.

FeralPhoenix5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

PREDICTABLE....and too easy since Sony basicly didn't even show up! (figuratively not literally)

PS360PCROCKS5865d ago

yea thats part of the E3 demo we got, that build is like 6 months old now

RuffRyder5865d ago

This game has been so underated in the past, its about time it got the hype it deserves.

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The story is too old to be commented.