Review: 10/10 for Super Mario Galaxy from Play Magazine

From Play Magazine:

"This is what gaming in the year 2007 is supposed to feel like...The fact of the matter is there are precious few Wii games that even come close to Super Mario Galaxy at the moment...I look to the console's future with new optimism..."

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MK_Red4930d ago

Gotta buy Wii soon. Can't wait to finish SMG as well as Zack & Wiki. Thanks for posting the review :)

unsunghero284930d ago

Clearly WiiFit hasn't been taking up as much of your time as we all feared.

Keep it up, Shiggy.

john_doe4930d ago

Shigeru is a f***king genius


Nintendo console, really great games, but few of then... N64, anyone?

john_doe4930d ago

agree... but that will not stop us from enjoying every bit of that great games :).. lets hope thirs parties get the hang out of it and start releasing great games too, capcom is already doing it.

texism4930d ago

Mushroom insanity ftw

crank4930d ago

Yes! who knew the wii could do this! Reflections even!

umm.................... oh yeah, me, the one that payed 300 ******* dollars for the system etc.


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