Test Drive Licensed To Infogrames As Atari Exits Development

As Atari's CEO resigns, the company has announced it is withdrawing from the development business to refocus purely on publishing and distribution, licensing its Test Drive franchise to parent company Infogrames.

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predator4963d ago

test drive was awsome, hope they come out with a sequal and just add a few more touches to the open world side then it would be one hell of a game

ichimaru4963d ago

never played the first but heard nothing but good things. i hope this one is as good

DZNetworks4963d ago

Was a disaster of epic proportions.

lwsbrck4962d ago (Edited 4962d ago )

Test Drive Unlimited was, and is, completely brilliant. Ive given it about 80% of my playtime since i bought the game, which is about 14 months ago now. Its a breath of fresh air in a genre that is all about going as fast as possible around an enclosed circuit. Considering its age, TDU is still has a massively populated online community, when you compare it to games of similar age, such as prey. Looking on the map you will still see thousands of players around the game, compared to the 4 i saw last time i let prey see the light of day.

That said, TDU offline is dire, you really do need to connect to the web for the game to become the shiner it is :)

anyway, enough of my TDU ramblings, anything that makes the future of TDU safer, has got to be a really good thing :D

MaximusPrime_4962d ago

Test drive unlimited is the only game i enjoyed on Xbox 360 (before i sold the console)

Im looking forward to see it coming on PS3.