Will Portal 2 Really be a Contender for Game of the Year?

VelocityGamer Writes: Portal 2 was a great hit this year, but is it really worthy of being a contender for Game of the Year?

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Pandamobile2635d ago

Uhhh, yea. It's only the highest rated game of the year, and one of the highest rated games of the last 5 years.

So yeah, I'd call that at goty contender

Shanks2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

True, but Jan~July games don't usually win, I don't know why.

NukaCola2635d ago

itll win some awards. this has been a great year. there are a bunch of winners.

-Alpha2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Because the freshest games in people's minds tends to get the most votes.

But Portal 2 absolutely deserves it. It has a 95+ on Metacritic but aside from that it was a phenomenal game

Very well written, very funny without being corny, an absolutely charming atmosphere despite its bleakness, genuinely great characters and puzzles, as well as a great co-op mode.

It's one of the best I've played

rabidpancakeburglar2635d ago

RDR won last year and that was a may release. I must admit that I'd forgotten about Portal 2 as a GOTY contender but it'll definitely be one.

LOGICWINS2635d ago

Just curious. Which "GOTY" are you guys referring to exactly? Each gaming site has its own. Then theres the VGAs. Then theres the personal GOTY(what I like to call the REAL GOTY awards).

FAGOL2635d ago

*ehem* Red Dead Redemption

Oldsnake0072635d ago

lol there was a little game called MASS EFFECT 2 which was realeased in january. It was pretty good.

Too bad it didn't win any Goty awards

oh wait ..

MidnytRain2635d ago

There goes LOGICWINS. Trying to make a point... about something or the other...

Sub4Dis2635d ago

Portal might be my favorite game of this generation. Portal 2 was so lame i couldn't even finish it. it wasn't the least bit funny. just a series of "you so fat" "you so stupid" "you're a horrible person" jokes repeated over and over. ugh.

Deus Ex HR > Portal a long shot.

joab7772635d ago

Gta4 and red dead won two of last 3 years, both released in first half of the year. It was my goty until deus ex, which may not nav a higher metacritic score but its gotta b pretty high. Deus ex is just so damn me. But, there are so many great games coming. To me it would b hard to gov it to portal over deus ex, skyrim, u3, b3, maybe ac or batman. We will see, but I think that the content and scope of some of these games is too big. Also, I don't think there will b a clear winner. Game informer will pick one, metacritic will have a high score, ign will have one etc. There may b 5 goty's this year...we all win

Disccordia2635d ago

Jan-July games never win except for RDR, Mass Effect 2 and GTA4

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Op242635d ago

Yea the ratings are high but it's usually the public's opinion that ends up counting the most and not the critics.

Pandamobile2635d ago

Goty defitely is not based on public opinion.

It's almost always determined by the amount of critic awards it can collect.

Op242635d ago

Well that depends where were talking about. Spike TV Game of the Year awards is the one i'm talking about and don't they usually have the voting poll a month or two before the show? Maybe i'm wrong, but anyways I liked Porta 2 a lot. It was fresh and a had a great story, but I think the higher profile games are just going to be too hard to beat.

grailly2635d ago

portal 2 won't win the Spike GOTY award for sure, as that is mainly based of popularity, but it might get some of the other major awards.

Hockeydud192635d ago

It definitely deserves some awards no doubt, but I have to agree with the author for the most part on this one. Even as much as I don't want to.

LOGICWINS2635d ago

"Goty defitely is not based on public opinion.

It's almost always determined by the amount of critic awards it can collect."

So the opinions of 50 or 60 critics take precedent over the opinions of the tens of millions of gamers out there?

Thats like each state appointing a representative to vote for the next President as opposed to counting the votes of all the individual people in a state.

Very undemocratic.

xabmol2635d ago


Electoral college says what?

Pandamobile2635d ago

The critic vote is actually quantifiable.

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Mr Patriot2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Only if it was a third person shooter..... sick of fps

Myze2635d ago

I'm sure Skyrim will be a contender, but that wasn't the point to the article. It's asking whether or not Portal 2 will be a contender, not if it will likely win.

There will be plenty of contenders. Some have come out already (Portal 2, Witcher 2, etc.) and some yet to come out (Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, etc.). I see no reason to not include Portal 2 as a contender. It's a great game and the critics and players alike both loved it (I know I did).

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Motorola2635d ago

This game is awesome. It is a contender that is fresh and not a shooter. A little short but FREE DLC is coming out.

Akiba962635d ago

With so many games contending for GOTY this year, I think gamers win in the end.

Hockeydud192635d ago

Tell that to my wallet lol

Akiba962635d ago

I said gamers win... our wallets are all fucked of course.

theonlylolking2635d ago

Gamers that dont have all platforms dont win. If I wanted gears 3 but I dont have an xbox 360 then that aint a win for me. Maybe I want to play uncharted 3 but dont have a PS3?

fanboys also never win

Akiba962635d ago

If you want to play gears 3, buy a 360. If you want to play Uncharted 3 buy a ps3. And if you cant afford a new system.. well, Hockeydude already addressed that problem :D

MaxOpower2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

"Plenty of my friends played it, beat it and sold it simply because of the limited replay value."

What, because your "friends" are cheep, the game doesn't deserve GOTY.

I predict, right now, the game is going to win GOTY at Gamespot.

spektical2635d ago

i dont think so.. the genre doesnt really get GOTY's
besides the puzzles weren't that much more difficult than the first, and glados narrative got stale.. i wasn't expecting more than the first as it was phenomenal, but wow it just got really dry.

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