A Look at Canadian Game Developers

Theinkandpen: "In the early days of video games, the industry only really thrived in Japan and the U.S. because that was where the majority of games where developed. As times change, the whole world has a part to play in game development. Here we look at famous games from Canada."

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bozebo2612d ago

"In the early days of video games, the industry only really thrived in Japan and the U.S. because that was where the majority of games where developed."

And the UK...

newn4gguy2612d ago

"We're still here." - Every Canadian

Bigpappy2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Canada is significant in the industry, for sure.

plumber152612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Now this is gaming news finally something to read about none of this my game is better then yours crap that we get every day . In my city of London Ontario Canada they support the gaming industry a lot they give lots of money to the indie development .

BattleAxe2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

They left out alot of developers in their article. Here are a bunch more located in Vancouver alone:

- A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.
- Atomic Robot Games
- Backbone Vancouver
- Backlash Studios
- Big Fish Games
- BigPark
- Big Sandwich Games
- Blue Castle Games
- C4 Digital Entertainment
- Cosmic Logic
- Deep Fried Entertainment
- Dingo Games
- Everywhere Games
- Exponentia
- Factory 1 Games
- Genius Factor games
- Gnosis Games
- Grubby Games
- Hellbent Games
- Hemisphere Games
- Hothead Games
- Inlight Entertainment
- InterScape Creations
- Ironclad Games
- IUGO Mobile Entertainment
- Jarhead Games
- Jet Black Games
- Kerberos Productions
- Klie Entertainment
- Krabbitsoft Studios
- Koolhaus Games
- Little Boy Games
- Magellan Interactive
- Maid Marian Entertainment
- Next Level Games
- Nintendo Canada
- Piranha Games
- PowerUp Studios
- Propaganda Games
- Radical Entertainment
- Rusty Axe Games
- Sillysoft Games
- Slant Six Games
- Slick Entertainment
- Smoking Gun Interactive
- Snappy Games
- Threewave Software
- Utherverse Digital
- United Front Games
- VectorBloom Technologies
- Verse Studios
- WishboneX Creations
- Yamisoft Entertainment

It would have been nice if had done their homework, instead they basically just chose to slap something together by listing only the biggest studios without putting any thought into their article.


theinkandpen2612d ago

I appreciate your info, and am fully aware of the numerous indipendent/minor studios all over the country. It was mentioned at the beginning of the article that there are over 150 minor studios all over.

However, the point of the article is to highlight the importance of Canada in the gaming industry, by pointing to the fact that some of the biggest gaming studios have long-standing offices in Montreal, Vancouver etc..., while other huge companies, like Bioware of NWN and KOTOR fame, where born in Canada.

The point here isn't just that the country is growing as indie developers arise, the point is that Canada has been pivotal in producing triple A titles since the turn of the century.

BattleAxe2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Theres alot more that could have been done with the article. Its very short, and it doesn't highlight anything that most people don't already know. My above post is more informative than the article, since most people don't have a clue as to how many studios are in Vancouver, let alone Canada. Part of what makes the development community so rich in Canada is all small studios that contribute and put out alot of great indie games and more. I know the game, make a quick article to get hits for the website then move onto something else.

theinkandpen2611d ago

Right, so you give a massive directory filled with one-liner info, suggest its more informative and accuse me of being a spammer. I looked at the blog (or whatever it is) and its like the yellow-pages, giving company-motto and address. Its useful if I want to ring them up for a job I suppose.

Out of the ones you posted, I can instantly recognise Big Fish, Piranha maybe a few others. Microsoft ownes Big Park while Smoking Gun is ex Relic employees. Blue castle is owned by Capcom and so on.

Everyone needs traffic, but I actually put time into writing the articles. Its not just about content, or it would be easy to paste-vomit a list like above, its also about opinions and some measure of style in the writing. Thanks for the comment and for calling me a spammer. I would certainly read spam if it was written like that, though I can't speak for others.

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