CVG - Deus Ex Human Revolution: Overhyped or worthy sequel?

CVG - You've seen the monster review scores and a week of gold and black advertising has probably left you feeling a little bit queasy.

But now that the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution is finally in your disc tray, we want to know what YOU think of the long-awaited and hugely hyped sci-fi reboot.

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LOGICWINS2636d ago

Let you know when I play it.

Miths2636d ago

Not the least bit overhyped. Unless things take a turn for the worse later in the game (I'm around eight hours in) it's among the best and most addictive I've played in recent years.

gustave1542636d ago

well things don't take a turn for the worse =)

sak5002636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It's a good game but not one for eye candy. Hell, there are no normal/bump mapping (at least in the first level till i played last night). Pretty disappointing considering i maxed all the settings on DX11 and it's giving me 85~95fps but doesn't have the oomph. Perfect dark zero on 360 had better textures.

I remember playing the originals like system shock / deus ex back in the days and those did make you go wow not this one.

Still the game is fun and that all there is to it.

Marcus Fenix2636d ago

maybe there will be some texture mods in the future

sak5002636d ago

LOL, i just commented on the story about GTAIV mod making it look so realistic.

yog-sothot2636d ago

actually, this game is not just "fun" and that's precisely why it's so good. It's fun - a good achievement in itself - but it's also more than that

tdrules2636d ago

Deus Ex and System Shock had crap graphics for its time

zireno2636d ago

Never played the Deus Ex series until this game and I'm pretty hooked up, I'm pretty early into the story but the gameplay to me feels perfect. I'm playing it very stealthy so it kind of reminds me of Splinter Cell and Metal Gear :)!!

Hayabusa 1172636d ago

Worthy sequel thus far :)

byeGollum2636d ago

I thought it was a prequel?

Hayabusa 1172636d ago

I know it's a prequel, but the article calls it a sequel (I assume they mean in game mechanics) so I called it a sequel to directly address the question the article asks.

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