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Raleigh, N.C. — Shrugging off the threat of Hurricane Irene, hundreds of spectators and competitors kicked off Major League Gaming Raleigh, attending events all day and all night.

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ZBlacktt2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

There are live feeds going on right now at this event. I'm watching the COD Black Ops teams go head to head now. Story should have already been posted for all to be aware. There's the other games feeds as well, Halo, StarCraft,etc.


ZBlacktt2611d ago

These guys are really good. I've been watching both the Halo teams and COD teams.

FlashXIII2611d ago

What has this got to do with Hurricane Irene? Absolutely nothing.. using a devastating natural disaster as an excuse to shamelessly promote MLG.. that's pretty low.

BubbleSniper2611d ago

I am sorry but nature>humans. Id like to see that Hurricane knock on MLG's door while this hits 2000 degrees.