SALE: Plants vs. Zombies $.99

By now, if you don’t already have Plants vs. Zombies, you’ve definitely heard people talk about it. Plants vs. Zombies has captivated gamers everywhere, and with good reason. It’s fun, colorful, engaging, and relatively cheap. And now, cheap has gotten even cheaper.

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Yi-Long2634d ago

... can't believe how expensive it is on PSN and XBLA Marketplace though...

averyzoe2634d ago

You really can't beat that price. It is one of my favorite casual games.

Squall_Leonhart2634d ago

Possible to add this game on Steam through key?

Farsendor12634d ago

don't see it listed on steam 3rd party key support


AXOi2634d ago

You would think they could lower the price permanently by now on iPhone as well....