Nintendo eShop: A Massive Disappointment

The Nintendo 3DS eShop was one of the biggest advertised features on Nintendo’s latest handheld — other than the 3D effect — but sadly, things haven’t panned out exactly how Nintendo and their fans had hoped.

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Moduserous2635d ago

Ever since the Wii I've lost faith in Nintendo. They should go the route of sega and stick to making games.

ronin4life2635d ago

Imagine your favorite games and video game styles dying and being lost to time forever.
If Nintendo ceased making consoles that is how I, and many others, would feel about the industry.
Maybe Mario would be on PlayStation, but a battered and crushed Nintendo wouldn't be able to make it the same ever again.
And if they tanked really hard, that might be all they ever do.
Maybe it wouldn't affect you or many others, but Nintendo's demise would be a black day for the industry and gamers everywhere, and gaming would never be the same.

Xof2635d ago

I think it's important to not look at Nintendo on the whole... yes, they do some things very, very good. But so does Microsoft, and so does Sony. The important thing is to look at each aspect, and to take notice of where Nintendo fails--and to criticize them for those failings.

This is what being a responsible consumer is all about.

When it comes to hardware, let's face it, Nintendo has a LOT to learn from its competition. Firmware? Digital Distribution? Nintendo is so far behind the curve it's just plain silly.

Yes, Nintendo makes great games. Yes, they're pretty much the ONLY people out there still making platformers and action/adventure titles, like Mario and Zelda. No one--no one--is criticizing them for that. And why should they?

I, for one, agree with Moduserous. Just think about what would REALLY happen if Nintendo, like Sega, were to abandon the hardware game?

They'd have that much more time and resources to put toward games like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, and the like. That's great, right? And they could be offering those games through companies that have a far better grasp of how to handle the modern gaming market. No more expensive peripherals. No more consoles with the bare minimum of required memory. No more price-gouging. No more eShop/Wiiware crap that's overpriced and rarely updated.


But, on the other hand, I still find I must disagree for one very, very important reason. I think most of us can agree that, so far, the 3DS has been pretty disappointing, yes? Well, take a look at the Playstation Vita. It was priced at exactly the same point as the 3DS. Would that have happened if Nintendo had not been in the game? Probably not.

Would we have sixaxis, move or kinect without nintendo? Probably not.

Would we have any JRPGs worth playing this generation, if not for Nintendo's hardware?

Probably not.

Competition, people--it's necessary. If Nintendo exits, Sony takes over completely. Yes, Nintendo has treated its customers very poorly over the past few years. And so has Sony. But imagine how much worse either of them would be if the other were to suddenly disappear?

Studio-YaMi2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Dude F*** THAT !
not even funny dude,why would you want Nintendo to stick to making games and not consoles ??

You didn't like the Wii or the 3DS ? SO WHAT !?
there is still the WiiU to look out for

Jesus man,enough with the hate,I prefer gaming most on my Sony consoles and I love my PS3 exclusives,but I highly respect Nintendo and what they gave to the gaming industry.

some people....urgh!

White-Sharingan2635d ago

Just because Nintendo saved the gaming idustry in the 80's does not mean people have to blindly follow the company and ignore its flaws as a gaming company. Though I'm not saying recent Nintendo consoles were horrible, they aren't as well thought out.

-Look at the N64 with cartridges
-Look at the GCN with small discs
-Look at the wii, which was basically a gamecube with motion controls.
-Look at the 3DS, no second analog stick and basically makes the bottom screen pointless since the objective of the console is to view the top screen 99% of the time.

oh and the most important of all; the lack of third party support, which is the biggest number of games a console has. No one can deny that nintendo makes amazing games, and that's it, amazing games; that's why the idea of just being a software company is really not that surprising...

bring on the hate N4g :)

NovusTerminus2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I respect what Nintendo DID for the industry, but tell me, what are they doing now?

The Wii did not cater to the core, and the 3DS is suffering a slow start, and the time I have spent with it, I can see why it is... Do you think the Wii U is going to magically change it?

Nintendo did wonders for the world of gaming as we know it, but they are no longer adding anything to it. And at this point would do better as a 3'rd party game company rather then a console company.

Yes, it would be sad, however I do think gaming would move forward, remember when Sega fell? it was down too two then, Sony and Nintendo. History would repeat and this time Sony and Microsoft would remain until a third arises again. It's just business. Remember Atari?

Edit: @ White-Sharingan
Well Said!

Moduserous2635d ago

It's not about hate it's about the fact that ever since Nintendo tricked serious gamers into buying the Wii they stopped making games for anyone apart from kids and casual gamers. Now the 3DS flops on the whole right out of the gates. Yeah Nintendo is circling the drain. They need to release some more games worth playing.

WhiteLightning2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I have to agree with White-Sharingan.....most people who follow Nintendo are blind and ignore the companys flaws.

I mean even the Journalism industry does, for example if you pick a copy of the official Playstation magazine or the official Xbox magazine you will get articles in them defend or reassuring the fanbase of a decision Sony or Microsoft have made. Take a look in the ONM magazines, they think Nintendo are god, for the past two issures there hasn't been any negative stuff about the three biggest issures, the mixed reception towards the Wii U, the price cut of the 3DS and the poor sales towards the 3DS. Always taking about how the Wii U will change the industry and how the PS4/Xbox 720 are up for a challenge......please.

I want the old Nintendo back who knew what they were doing....the creative Nintendo who didn't need to rely on gimmicks to sell something and the caring Nintendo who cared about their loyal fanbase.

ronin4life2635d ago

@ Sharingan
That lack of third party support comes from companies abandoning Nintendo for Sony's first PlayStation, and consumer response to this shift.
Many of these gamers were constantly exposed to advertisements bad mouthing Nintendo (remember, alot of them were the newcomer "casuals" of that gen), and media outlets gradually followed in this trend, causing more negative public perception and less third party support. Nintendo tried to rely on it's own games, but this only alienated third parties more.
Nintendo has only recently regained some of this trust and support from third parties, but negative stories and nonsense rumur spreading have started up, which really isn't helping.
On topic, though, while I love the 3DS, it's eshop has disappointed me.

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Gray-Fox-Type02635d ago

I got the entire snes,gb,gbc,gba,nes rom library on my psp via emulators, who om earth will pay for old gb games it just damn retarded.

AWBrawler2635d ago

I agree with ronin. when SEGA died off I and many others were heart broken. several SEGA franchises died and never came back.
If Nintendo did the same, I'm sure that a lot of my favorite franchises will get left behind our screwed over because the Console manufacturer doesn't want it on their console unless its their way.

No True gamer should ever gloat and brag and wish the demise of any respectable company.

AWBrawler2635d ago

only on N4G can you get disagrees for saying a respectable company shouldn't die

yabhero2633d ago

wii was legit
Nintendo stop consoles-MS and Sony don't have anything to rip off gaming industry dies
Wii U- is redemption- not that Ninty needed it

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AronDeppert2635d ago

I'd say the whole 3DS has been a disappointment! Nintendo is pretty sucky lately, and stupid.

ronin4life2635d ago

Did you actually buy one?

AronDeppert2635d ago

I did, actually. Worst $250 I ever spent.

ronin4life2635d ago

I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm enjoying mine just fine. But to each his own.

yabhero2633d ago

im so excited for mine dude nintendo has been dominating lately and thw WiiU will further that plus now all the good 3ds games are coming

RoboSpiff2635d ago

I think it still has potential.

3GenGames2635d ago

Yeah, if you like buying games you can get used for $3 each, and not even get a physical media.

RoboSpiff2635d ago

ive had a lot of fun with my 3DS, i even went on a date with it.

Technical World2635d ago

Alot of people don't want the physical media so boohoo for you. And why would you buy a game for $3 for an old gameboy when you can as a download for the same price with a backlight, circle pad and save function?

Kee2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Yeah, there's not enough games on it and they're all extremely expensive.

What to do is put all the virtual console stuff on to start with (I want nes and snes games) and go from there.

Then put the price down because, seriously? £4 for an old gameboy mario game? Maybe it's because I was expecting app store prices.

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