Monolith Soft's new game is for 3DS, third game in a series

Xenoblade developer Monolith Soft will supposedly be sharing the first details on their next project.

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Foxgod2612d ago

Most likely a new Baten Kaitos.
Or less likely the handheld version of Xenosaga 3.

GupX19A2612d ago

Please not Baten Kaitos...

AWBrawler2611d ago

what's wrong with BK? Sure Origins wasn't as good as the original, but how can you not like Mizuti and Kalas?

axisofweevils2612d ago

I bet this won't be released in Europe.

As I've said already, 9 Monolith games have been released - only 2 of them have come out in both Europe and USA.

We got Xenoblade. I doubt we'll get this.

TruthbeTold2611d ago

Who gives a crap if they aren't going to release it outside of Japan besides the Japanese? Hearing about a 'possible' R.P.G. on a Nintendo console these days means YEARS of waiting at best, and most likely nothing but disappointment. Late next year or 2013 release for Japan, 2014 release at earliest for the rest of the world, and probably not until the 3DS has become dated in say 2015 and after. They are really irking me with this attitude.