Mass Effect 3 – Female Shepard reveal video

Watch as BioWare reveals the female Shepard choice for Mass Effect 3 and interviews Jennifer Hale (live-stream capture).

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Tanir2608d ago

reeeeaaaally curious, why is this female shepard business such a big deal?

you could always make a female shepard so i don't understand this hype

Charmers2608d ago

This is going to be the first time we will get a dedicated femshep trailer and it will also be the first time femshep will appear on the printed box (on the back of the CE version only). So it would have been nice to have had something decent looking instead of this clichéd crap that somehow got voted in (seriously red hair, green eyes and freckles give me a break).

Yes of course you will still be able to design your own femshep in the game. This "vote" was just about choosing the "public" face of femshep.

Tanir2608d ago

Oooooh ok, that actually makes sense, yeah people shouldnt be upset cuz the characters come out far different anyway.......thinkin of makin my dad lmao, and do all the messed up choices and make him gay lmao

MintBerryCrunch2608d ago

honestly, she looks like a 15 year old girl

CC-Tron2608d ago

I don't see what the big deal is. The femshep they choose won't resemble most player's custom characters any way. It really shouldn't matter what character is used in the trailers. It's petty.

Malcopunch2608d ago

She looks a bit like Amy Pond from Doctor who

KMCROC2608d ago

Still going w/ male default Shepard,knowing against what's her name.just the way the game was marketed towards me .

Sashamaz2608d ago

But male Shepard can't cook

KMCROC2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Still going w/ male default Shepard, nothing against J.H but the game has been marketed w/ default Shepard.